Hashing Terms

Hasher who runs at the Back Of the Pack. Unlike FRB's these hashers actually have half a mind. Most BOP's know that hashers of the opposite sex have covered their backsides with only a thin layer of spandex.

Check or Checking
A trail marking indicating that the trail splits and the frops must look for the true trail. Some hashes don't mark checks; the trail markings just disappear and begin again some distance away

A falsie or the trail marking at the end of a falsie

Chug-a-lug some sort of liquid (usually beer). Hashers usually chant "Drink it down, down, down, down..." when someone down-downs

FRont Running Bastard (a.k.a. FROP) - This masochistic idiot actually runs the whole trail! Quickly!

By running most of the checkbacks (a.k.a. falsies) FRB's usually find the true trail before the rest of the pack arrives. This saves the rest of the pack time and effort and ensures they reach the On-In (and the beer) as swiftly as possible. Thus FRB's are much loved

A false trail which the hare has marked to confuse the hash and slow down the FRB's (also see checkback)

Hasher who runs at the FRont Of the Pack (a.k.a. FRB)

Female Hasher. This term is not used much in Calgary. We just call our women "Hashers"

noun: A non-competitive cross country run through varied terrain. The runners (acting as hounds) follow a trail set by another runner (called the "hare"), for example: "Did you go to Monday's hash?"
noun: A Hash House Harriers club, often referred to as "The Hash"
verb: To participate in a hash, for example: "Did you hash last Monday?"

Anyone who hashes... be they animal, vegetable or mineral

What hashers yell when they see a trail marking

Shiggy is any foul, messy and vile landscape that you must run through. Hashers love it!

Short Cutting Bastard (also see BOP)

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