Run #1772 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

November 10, 2014

Hares: Suck No Evil
Where: Pig & Duke Neighborhood Pub
Big Rock: $5 pints!
Attendance: 22
Temperature: -18 C

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The cold snap of Nov. 10, 2014 brought out the good, the bad and the ugly. The rest who didn't show up are in the category of the pussies.

The Good

Menopause offering up beer to Abandoned Pussy and Fish'n Tits, so that they short cutted the short cut.

Froggy and Lofty Prancer's attempt at being a choir. Attempt is the key word.

Daisy Duke for heating up his phone in his crotch area, while running.

Twisty for being the trooper of the regroup and walking back to it after sitting in the nice warm pub.

Comes from Behind for making the huge sacrifice of giving up the helmshit to King Shit. The poor man desperately needed it after cracking his head open after the Halloween pub crawl. Maybe next year he should dress as Humpty Dumpty.

The Bad

Hardly abusing the hashit by throwing it around like it's a plunger with crap taped on it.

Lay'em for bashing. At least we found a home for the hashit with someone who has time to take care of it, since he doesn't show up for the run, just the beer.

Hot Cheeks watching Lofty Prancer go down on trail and dreaming her fantasy of going down with him.

Buried Pleasure making Abandoned Pussy look like a shitty wife. That's all we have to say about that!

The Ugly

PMS' potty mouth on trail. The more she runs, the more poop that comes out of her mouth.

Running Dry and Spitting Balls wearing reflecting thongs found in AP's underwear drawer.

Fish'n Tits offering a "back alley" experience to Abandoned Pussy with her and Menopause, as long as AP closes her eyes.

Snevil for setting a long ass trail in the cold, cold weather.


Abandoned Pussy

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