Run #1486 - The Grey Cup Hangover

November 30, 2009

Hare: Pyro
Where: Stavro's
Big Rock: Hashers like it!

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Calgary Hash House Harries run number 1486! A rather even number, it is:

With this humble writer running out of useless information, it is time to get to the scribe!

The Calgary Hash circled up in the parking lot outside of Stavro's Bar and grill on a blustery, cold, and otherwise miserable last day in November.(a few were being kept warm by delicious thoughts of the previous day's Grey Cup victory by Montreal) The opening circle was fast, almost as fast as the howling north wind that had many a hasher grumbling about the cold. Well, except for King Shit and his brother Ayatollah. Growing up in northern Manitoba does have the ability to make one impervious to the cold, or freezes the part of the brain that registers temperature.

As soon as the circle was ended, the pack started off! The trail was a vintage Pyro laid trail with a reasonable amount of check backs, well marked, and long. Many hashers were seen running, not for the joy of physical exertion, but for the necessity of staying warm. Rumor has it that both Baby and Rubber Made were seen "sharing body heat" to stay warm in the cold and windy conditions. When they were asked why Rubber Made's hands were down the front of Baby's pants, they responded with "that is the best place to warm up frozen hands, followed by the arm pits." This scribe was shocked to discover that is in fact true!

Since Pyro wisely decided not to have a regroup(seriously, who really likes beer slushies when it is freezing out? Well, except for those weird people from Manitoba) the hash meandered about Huntington Hills following the trail back to the on in to warm up, have a few beers and eat! It should be noted that when the wind blew just so, you could hear the faint howls of anguish coming from the province next door.

Lost in Space, the guest RA for this run, quickly appointed Hardly and Dreary as choir for the evening festivities. The dynamic duo, 2/3 of the 3 tenors, back up singers for Starship, began by singing themselves a song for the first down down of the evening. The song, which was unknown to the rest of the hash, went off without a hitch, if one overlooks the fact that neither Hardly nor Dreary can carry a tune in a bucket.

Two final notes, the newest choir, the Space Cadettes, consisting of Twisted Sister, Rubber Made, and Oh No Deposit sang their newest hit single "You are awesome" serenading Lost in Space as On to Piss was called. Abandoned Pussy was once again not renamed this week.


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