Run #1485 - La Coupe Grey

photo: Rider Nation on its way to the Calgary

November 29, 2009

Hares: Left Bun and Sexcellent
Where: Research Park
On-In: The Knobby-Bun Palace
Big Rock: BYOBR

It's not easy being green. Whether you're Kermit the Frog, a disappointed Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, or a hung over hasher, being green and waking up today in Calgary definitely sucked the big one.

On a brighter note, the annual Grey Cup Hash Run/Party Extravaganza hosted by the Knobby-Bun team was an absolute BLAST!!! Hares Left Bun and Sexcellent definitely outdid themselves by setting a run to remember no matter what team you were cheering for. Despite the fact that one of the lovely hares, (rhyming with Pexcellent), stated that if the run was a flop she was only to be known as a "co-hare", the 20 or so hashers that attended the run enjoyed a fantastic route on a beautiful Grey Cup Sunday. Not only did we run around the stadium amidst a couple of football fans, we almost enjoyed a regroup in the Beer Gardens with 10,000 drunk football fans and Blue Rodeo. Almost like a hash event, really. Except hashers are more drunk.

It was greener than pond scum on a Saskatchewan lake as we ran right through the throngs of crowds wearing green white while following the green "G"s marking trail. Of course I should mention that we did manage to pass 6 or 7 Alouette fans. White Balls kept shouting "Who's left in Saskatchewan to watch the store?" while poor Abandoned Pussy kept going the wrong way while following all the different fan horns thinking it was Dreary. Hmm..definitely a renaming possibility there. Left Bun kept yelling, "Rubbermade, are these all of your cousins?", some of them are my uncles too, duh!

I now know what a salmon feels like swimming upstream as we headed over the bridge to the LRT station (picture 20 hashers going the opposite way of 20,000 football fans) the fans kept telling us "You're going the wrong way..." to which witty hashers replied..."Gee, is there an event happening?" And "the game is over, you missed it" while being given souvenir mini-footballs and free hats labeled "Don't be a Tosser". Ok, so Rubbermade mistakenly thought the toques were sporting an anti-gay slogan....I'm sure I heard SOMEWHERE that a tosser was a gay man. Must be a Saskatchewan thing.

It was onto the LRT and back to the Knobby-Buns abode for down downs, food and of course the Grey Cup game. Guest RA Rubbermade handed out copious amounts of punishments....(because I can, damn it) that included:

We then watched the game while of course drinking beer and eating copious amounts of food provided by Knobby-Buns and various hashers. Despite the disappointment of the game result itself, hashers were still quite entertained as they thought they saw Sticky Lips on TV strangling a SK fan wearing a watermelon on his head...who knew a watermelon would look so good on Lost in Space???



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