Run #1433 - Sheep Thrills on Boxing Day

December 26, 2008

Hare: Lambchop and his friend Jill
Where: Lambchop's Sheep Farm
Big Rock: BYOBR

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Today, class, your holiday quiz is this: What is the true meaning of Boxing Day? Is it:

  1. A chance, once and for all, to determine if Lamb Nads indeed lives inside a cardboard box in the Chinook Centre parking lot, with only a motorized shopping cart for transportation.
  2. To find out if Dreary's rather, um, ugly boxing shorts — not to mention his hideous running tights — was enough to attract the amorous attention of a handicapped guy meandering down the street.
  3. If Twisty with a box on her head will ruin her goody-two-shoes reputation forever and ever.
  4. Or if Calgary officials who defended the city's imbecilic snow-removal policy deserve a salary that would only allow them to afford to live in a cardboard box in the Chinook Centre parking lot.
  5. Possibly some combination of the above.

Those were the hot-button issues as hashers gathered on a sunny but nippy, if -12C fits that description, Boxing Day afternoon to follow a trail set by Mr. Lambie and his friend Jill, who marked it with chalk and his Kiwi grandmother's ashes, which showed up quite well atop the deep snow.

The trail meandered from 54th Avenue SW and Elbow Drive, through hoidy-toidy hoods where the streets were in pretty rugged shape, along a ridge overlooking the frozen Rez and the snow-capped mountains in the distance, across Glenmore Dam, through Sandy Beach and eventually back to the start.

Guest RA Hardly, who was also wearing a candy box atop his head, subbed for Throbbin' Robin, who was probably stuck in a snowbank either in Calgary or Vancouver Island or somewhere in-between. There was no official choir, although the singing was still better than the Barenaked Ladies murdering Jingle Bells on their Christmas special.

Happy Boxing Day to one and all.


Duke of Hurl

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