Run #1427 - 2008 Grey Cup Hash

November 23, 2008

Hares: Sexcellent and Stranger
Where: Country Hills Village, near Quizno's
On-In: Stranger & Sexcellent's Shack
Big Rock: BYO Big Rock
Attendance: 22

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It'd probably be rather difficult to convince hashers who gathered at Stranger and Sexcellent's Party Palace that their screaming and foot stomping didn't play a role in the outcome of the 96th Stanley, er, Grey Cup.

After all, the Calgary Stampeders ended a seven-year Grey Cup drought as hashers yelled at the Palace's massive TV during the entire game against the hated and haughty Montreal Alouettes, which is French for wussy gay birds.

If you don't believe it, take a look at their mascot.

Could Stamps QB Henry Burris, kicker Sandro DeAngelis and the nasty Calgary defence have won without enthusiastic support from hashers such as Left Bun, Knobby, Always with Wings, Pees and Screws, et al?


Left Bun, for instance, recently strongly suggested to Stamps running back, dog lover and Pet Planet customer Joffrey Reynolds that he needed to gain 100 yards in the title game.

OK, Reynolds didn't exactly follow Left Bun's edict to a T, but Calgary won, so that's all that matters.

The Calgary hash-Grey Cup influence spread all across Canada.

Some hashers — Skewbic and Mucky Dip — allegedly attended the game. Unconfirmed rumour said Dreary and Mum were also in Montreal, although it was unclear if they were at the game.

But if you looked closely, the referee bore a rather strong resemblance to Dreary, which may or may not have been a good thing for the Stamps, or the official.

Then there was Bobbin, who ran the hash, conducted business and disappeared shortly afterward. It was a short time later that injured Stamps QB Dave Dickinson was spotted along the Calgary sideline in civilian clothes, looking suspiciously like Bobbin.

Coincidence, or not?

The hash's cheering even extended to Ontario, where Sexcellent's father was watching the game, and he would call after every Calgary score, which prompted an avalanche of "hi dad" and Go Stamps Go among the hash faithful.

It got to the point where he probably didn't need the phone to hear the cheering, he could just stick his head outside his front door. Her father's neighbour's reportedly made noise complaints to local police because of the volume of the phone calls.

Some hashers had their own way of dealing with the madness:

Since Calgary hosts the 2009 Grey Cup, plans were in the embryonic stages about hashers possibly trying to get a block of tickets and having a hash somewhere near McMahon Stadium on Grey Cup Day.

Perhaps the hash could go to the Rent-A-Mountie store and find the co-hares for that day.

Wouldn't that be fun?

Go Stamps Go.


Duke of Hurl

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