Run #1403 - Mike Tyson's Kanada Kwiz

June 30, 2008

Hares: Bobbin Robbin
Where: Shillelagh's Pub
Big Rock: $12 jugs of Big Rock (plus tax and tip)

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Today's quickie Canada Day-themed quiz:

Which of the following Calgary hashers has a direct link to the formation of Canada in 1867?

  1. Bobbin, whose great-grandfather was trying to avoid British authorities for that unfortunate string of bank robberies in London that he claimed he had nothing to do with.
  2. Rubber Made, whose great-grandmother thought Canada was a good idea after mistakenly believing that it was going to become the world's first Penis Colony.
  3. Dr. Fill, whose long-ago relatives were trying to find a place to land after traveling round and round and round Vancouver Island in a primitive, rather rickety boat.
  4. Dreary, whose was there.

(Hint: Dreary is actually older than he looks)

Which provinces combined to form Canada?

  1. Ontario and Quebec, who, even then, were in the running for which could be more obnoxious. Plus, the Leafs and Habs needed a place to practice.
  2. Ontario and Ontario, and only Ontario, which is where the whole "Toronto and Ontario are the centre of the universe" claptrap started.
  3. Manitoba and Saskatchewan, because people realized even at that time they were in the middle of nowhere and no one would love them, much less want to settle there.
  4. Newfoundland, ditto.

Which was an actual question asked by a real employee in a car rental place in Seattle, which ain't all that far from Canada?

  1. "Is the country where Calgary's located called British Columbia?"
  2. "Do you have paved roads up there?"
  3. "What is hockey?"
  4. "Do people live in igloos?"

(Hint: Social studies isn't a strong suit in the American educational system)

Hashers gathered at a bar on Signal Hill on a sorta blustery Canada Day Eve to follow a trail set by flag-waving, maple-syrup swilling, uber-patriotic Canadian Bobbin, who gallantly fought the afternoon rain and tried to make sure the chalk marks could still be seen.

Mr. B sent the pack round and round, and along contours, and up and down — all in an effort to honour the country's 141st birthday in the best way he knew how — walking, jogging, drinking beer, telling bad jokes, and singing songs off-key, in some order.

There was even a beer re-group, which wasn't at Bobbin's place, much to the chagrin of those who wanted to see the location where Rubber Made lost her virginity — and still hasn't found it again.

It should rank behind only the Parliament building in Ottawa and the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, AB., on the top 10 attractions on Canada's National Historic Register.

Hashers eventually returned to Shillelagh's Pub, where, except for Booty Camp's One-Pepperoni Pepperoni pizza and Duke of Hurl getting a piece of paper in his salad, they enjoyed consuming mass quantities of food and beer, just like the Montreal fur traders did way back when before Canada became Canada.

The Viking-helmeted RA Dr. Fill, whose headgear may or may not have been a Canadian tradition, handed out down-downs in a (Canadian words alert) blizzard and flurry of activity. For instance:

And this: Happy Canada Day.


Duke of Hurl

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