Run #1391 - April Shivers

April 21, 2008

Hares: Clueless
Where: Flight Deck International Bar and Grill, Harvest Hills Blvd
Big Rock: $4 pints
Attendance: 30

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Things that take less time than the 7-minute trail set by Clueless on a cold, snowy, late April night:

And that's about it.

The round-the-block, one-kilometer trail from the airplane-themed bar on Harvest Hills Boulevard probably took Clueless 30 seconds to think about and 15 minutes to set, give or take a minute or two.

How short was it?

It was so short Hyena only had a chance to pick up one can and one bottle for his son's college fund. Dreary only got to blow his hash horn once. Mucky Dip didn't even have the opportunity to get lost.

Skewbic didn't manage to break a sweat, not that he ever does. King Shit snapped one picture. And Dr. Fill was strapped for down-down material because what can happen in seven minutes?

A few hashers — Mucky, Fabio, Hash Test, Duke of Hurl, Erin and new hasher Carolyn, who's still trying to recover from an unfortunate incident in Africa with a warthog 11 years ago — did their own run afterward, just to make the snowy drive seem worth it.

Rumours spread that the post-hash festivities were getting moved to a nearby bar, but then the group ended up in the Airplane Flight Hangar, or whatever it's called, after all.


Duke of Hurl

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