Run #1384 - Bulgaria, Beer and Bat Man

March 3, 2008

Hares: Snow Plow, aided by the Sub-deputy to the Assistant Undersecretary of Hidious Hats (a.k.a. King Shit)
Where: Pints and Half-Pints
Big Rock: mmmmm.... McNally's Reserve
Attendance: 36

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Bulgaria probably hasn't enjoyed the most peaceful and stable of existences, although being under the Ottoman Empire for 500 years and the old Soviet Union from 1946 to 1990 probably didn't help matters much.

It even ended up with a 6-year-old king of sorts during World War II, which might goes a ways in explaining how it came under Communist rule right after the war. It's hard to run a country when you're not far removed from working on potty training and trying to understand the Cyrillic alphabet, not that many do.

But every year on March 3, Bulgarians stop to observe Bulgaria's National Day, which celebrates the break from those fun-loving Ottomans in 1878 or 1908 or sometime or other.

Long live Bulgaria.

So Calgary hashers gathered on a mild early March evening to follow a trail laid in Cyrillic by Snowplow, the Bulgarian princess, with assistance from King Shit, who isn't Bulgarian but probably wishes he was.

The trail meandered from the bar on Edmonton Trail, along a ridge overlooking the lights of downtown Calgary and the Olympic flame — which was lit in memory of the four RCMP officers killed in Mayerthorpe in 2005 — and onto a beer-and-Bulgarian-treat regroup in a park.

After that, it was anybody's guess. The hares had no idea where the trail went, nor did the pack. But everyone somehow made it back to the bar before the clock struck midnight, figuratively speaking, of course.

It was a night to celebrate, both for Bulgaria and the changes that some hashers had recently experienced. For instance: