Run #1377 - The Krusty Balls Adventure Run

January 14, 2008

Live Hare: Krusty
Where: Friar's - Glenmore Landing, 1600 - 90th Avenue SW
Big Rock: is the best
Attendance: 43

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As the old saying goes, certain things are mortal locks: Death, taxes, the sun rising in the East, the Flames gagging in the West, and a Krusty Trail providing unexpected twists, turns and mysteries without any clues.

And the Sinewy One certainly didn't disappoint in his latest effort.

Only this much was for sure: The live-hare trail started and ended at Friar's at Glenmore Landing on a mild, mid-January evening — hours before roaring winds and plummeting temperatures set in.

Beyond that, you were on your own. Oh, were you on your own.

A large chunk of the pack found marks that went south across SW 90th Avenue and into Pump Hill, aka Garish Village, where gas-guzzling SUVs, ostentatious mansions and snooty people are all the norm. You know, Skewbic's idols and where he wants to live someday.

But the trail was a little suspicious, simply because there were a fair number — say, five or six — chalk marks on light poles, all of which is very unlike Krusty, who likes to conserve chalk and flour at all costs.

Hmm, what's going on here?

But hashers trudged on, till they eventually found their way back to the bar.

Surprise, the actual trail went north from Glenmore Landing and near Rockyview Hospital before winding its way back to the bar from the other direction.

A determined few — the previously long-lost Spreadworthy, Swingin' Tail and a tiny number of others — actually went the right way accidentally, the way Krusty intended.

It seems the majority found a trail laid a couple months ago by Blue Balls, so the run became, almost by default, the First Annual Krusty Balls Adventure Run.

After all the holiday hoopla — the Christmas Eve Bulgarian dinner run, the Boxing Day hash, the New Year's Eve hash, the New Year's Tacky Formal, the Elvis Birthday Eve wing-ding — maybe Krusty's run needed a theme. Hey, whatever works.

Hashers eventually found their way back to the bar, where RA Clueless appeared again after a hiatus that included speech and acting lessons where she tried to learn how to project her voice during business. It's a work in progress. Meanwhile:

Duke of Hurl

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