Run #1369 - Jiggle Belles Rock

December 10, 2007

Hares: Mum, Twisted Sister, Clueless, Xena Warrior Princess
Where: Key West Bar & Grill
Big Rock: 3 bucks a bottle. Sweet!
Attendance: 29

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On a night when Led Zeppelin rocked again, Lord Black and Michael Vick considered becoming prison cell-block homies and it turned out that Quiet Riot's singer died from a cocaine overdose, the Jiggle Belle Quartet trumped them all.

Even though it was still 15 days till Christmas, the Jiggle Belles — Twisty, Xena, Mum and Clueless — managed to cobble together a hash for all seasons from the Key West bar downtown.

Hashers meandered across the 10th Street bridge, through the snowy Kensington and Gladstone hoods, just to name two, and onto a re-group in the CBC parking lot before heading across the 14th Street bridge and back to the bar.

The CBC building held special significance for Lay 'Em, who was once sorta banned, or shall we say restricted, from winning prizes from CBC radio after almost bankrupting them one year by winning all the time.

Lay 'Em figured nobody listened to the CBC, so he made it his life's goal to win as many weekend getaways, toaster ovens and concert tickets as possible. But CBC management wasn't pleased, so they instituted the Lay 'Em Rule, which restricted the amount of annual winnings that a listener could get.

Lay 'Em, though, was undaunted, so he focused his efforts on fleecing other Calgary radio stations. Well done.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, the holiday spirit started the bloom and flourish. Here's a look at parts of the Christmas wish lists of various and sundry hashers:

Is that too much to ask, Santa? Is it?

Duke of Hurl

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