Run #1360 - The Biggest Collection of Turkeys West of Toronto

October 8, 2007

Hares: Knobslinger & Left Bun
Where: Knobby-Bun's Palace, 57 Edgeridge Close NW
On-In: Stranger & Sexcellent's Shack, 127 Hawkstone Place NW
Big Rock: BYOBR
Attendance: 41

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It was perhaps the biggest collection of turkeys west of Toronto. Or since the latest Stamps' team photo. Or possibly since disgraced U.S. sprinter-drug cheat-pathological liar Marion Jones looked in the mirror.

The hash turkeys flocked to Left Bun's and Knobby's NW Calgary home on a sun-kissed fall Thanksgiving afternoon — the morning's chilly rain a somewhat-dim memory — to wander up and down hills, through ravines and wherever else the lengthy, lengthy trail took them.

There were no beer re-groups, except for one specially made for Green Riders' fans — that means you, Sucks — in the middle of Country Hills Boulevard, or possibly not.

The co-hares fooled long-time beer hounds Hardly and Skewbic, who figured there may be beer anyway at the infamous gazebo, often used as a hash beer-drinking location. But no such luck.

So hashers huffed and puffed through the trail, all as a prelude for the scrumptious, delicious Turkey Day dinner at Stranger and Sexcellent's house. It was indeed a day to give thanks. For instance:

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Duke of Hurl

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