Run #1340 - The Return Of The Tacky Neon

June 4, 2007

Hare: Neon Stripper, with help from Pee-On
Where: Stavro's - Ranchlands, 7750 Ranchview Drive NW
Big Rock: $11.75 per jug. Thanks Root 69!
Attendance: 41

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At first glance, it would have been so easy for Neon Stripper to stay home in Ottawa, watching the Sens soil themselves against the Dark Wing Ducks in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals.

No cross-country trek. No long-distance attempts to find a bar to accommodate 41 Calgary hashers. No arranging for a beer re-group at the Pee-On Home for Wayward Souls.

But, no, Mr. Stripper — who was stuck on 349 hashes for such a long, long time — heard the siren call, and the half-yard, for run number 350, and would not be denied.

So he left the nation's capital in the rear-view mirror, at least temporarily, and set a trail in the Ranchlands area of Calgary's northwest — up and down ridges, through the woods and back alleys and playgrounds. And on and on and on.

And it was good.

All hail to the Return of the Tacky Neon run.

For once, Dreary and Mum didn't completely stand out in their degrees of neon-ness. They actually had company, although some — in order not to reveal anything, just call them Clueless — must have thought it was the Camouflage Run.

Others, let's say maybe Dirty Girl and Spreadworthy, might have forgotten the exact meaning of neon. But all in all, Stavro's bar glowed with traces, and, in some instances, large doses, of neon.

It was a lovely June evening, no snow or rain or hail or strong winds. The ski jumps at Canada Olympic Park loomed majestically in the distance, and the Rockies appeared as their usual spectacular selves.

No scenery like that in Ottawa. The Rideau Canal is nice, but it just doesn't measure up. Those who did measure up included:

Duke of Hurl

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