Run #1336 - Kawky Memorial Hash

May 12, 2007

Hares: Mydol, Smirk
Where: Key West Bar & Grill, #201, 1104 - 6 Av SW
Big Rock: $3 per bottle
Attendance: 66

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Sixty-six hashers — plus Kawky and his parents, all of whom were there in spirit — gathered on a sun-kissed Saturday for the first annual Kawky Memorial Hash.

Kawky left way too soon about six months ago, but it's clear that he isn't forgotten — not in the least. The hash, co-hared by Mydol and Smirk, raised more than $2,200 for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

It was a day for laughter and beer-drinking, not tears. Looking at photos of Kawky in all his multi-coloured hash glory. Dishing out a good-natured hard time against Kawky's brother, Marty, who's now known as Rooster Cockburn — or perhaps it should be Kawkburn. Hashers convened outside Key West Bar and Grill, a venerable hash hangout, meandered across the 10th Street pedestrian bridge to Sunnyside and Kensington and eventually wound through downtown and back to the bar.

A re-group at a park near where Kawky lived included 2-liter bottles of Kawky's secret concoction, or at least that was the claim. The revelry didn't seem to bother the nearby sunbathers, which is probably a good thing.

Back at the bar, RA Speed Demon Skewbic conducted business with his usual flair — aided immeasurably by Choir Master Hardly and his faithful musical sidekick, Dreary, whose performances included a tribute song to Kawky. In other business:

It's probably safe to say that Kawky would have laughed — or just shook his head in amazement.

Duke of Hurl

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