Run #1328 - So that was the end of winter hashes...

March 19, 2007

Hares: Tiny Bubbles and Cock Tale
Where: 19th Hole Sports Pub, 20 Country Hills Landing NW
Big Rock: at Happy Hour prices!
Attendance: 29

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The warm sun shone, birds chirped, flowers bloomed and a calm and peaceful Lamb Nads spoke in clear and concise sentences and only when spoken to.

Well, none of that actually happened, but it was the Last Hash of Winter, First Hash of Almost Spring or the Winter Hash Closest to Next Winter's Hashes — or something like that.

Whatever it's called, co-hares Tiny Bubbles and Cock Tale managed to set a trail from a bar in far, far, far north Calgary — or, as a concession to Big Rubber, call it south Edmonton — that only three hashers were able to follow to the bitter end.

And quite a trail it was, past the Levitating Jesus School — where Dirty Dancer works, apparently so much so that he didn't attend the hash — through semi-upscale neighbourhoods where Biff, Sally and their 2.4 children walked their dogs in bliss and past Mt. Dirt Mound, which looked like a mini-version of the snow-capped Canadian Rockies.

Big Rubber swore he saw the lights of Edmonton in the distance, although it probably was only Airdrie. Mr. Rubber almost came unglued when he was following trail and didn't see any hashers behind him. So he turned around and started whining like a little girl, or words to that effect.

The smart hashers actually had headed back to the bar for the beer and other nonsense, which was presided over by RA Skewbic, who actually managed to find his way to the hash, albeit quite late. But the Horned One was on top of his game again, except for the eyesight thing, even as his mind wandered to an upcoming holiday across the Pond.

So that was the end of winter hashes, at least according to the calendar, which probably means that more hashers will gather each Monday night at 7 for more mirth and merriment. One can only hope.

On On!
Duke of Hurl

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