Run #1309 - Winterpeg

November 19, 2006

Hares: Stranger and Sexcellent
Where: The Love Shack
Big Rock: Down Downs every down!
Attendance: ?

One of Calgary's greatest problems, of course, is graffiti. It's even worse than murder, rape, robbery, drugs and traffic on Glenmore Trail at rush hour — or any other time — combined.

And who might be Calgary's biggest graffiti scofflaws?

Why, Stranger and Sexcellent, aka the Scourges of Hawkstone. Sure, it's hard to believe that such an innocent couple could attract the attention of the neighbourhood Graffiti Police. But they did, in spades.

But troupers that they are, the co-hares managed to pull off the Grey Cup hash without getting arrested or turned over to those whose sole purpose is to Keep Calgary Safe From Chalk Hash Marks. Then again, Ms. S swept the trail with spray bottle and cloth in hand, wiping away any evidence of a G or a check or checkback or anything else that the hoidy-toidy neighbours might find offensive.

They laid trail on a gorgeous, Chinook-fueled Sunday afternoon around their lovely North Calgary hood before the pack returned to eat chips, dips, chili, veggies, more chili and to drink beer — all while watching BC and Montreal on TVs stationed around the house.

Guest RA Twisty managed to end business just as the Grey Cup kickoff took place in lovely Winterpeg, where it was much colder than it was in Calgary. Here's a look at some of the sights and sounds:

So that was the 94th Grey Cup, which means it's 53 years older than the Super Bowl and 71 years older than the Calgary hash. On the bright side, at least the hash didn't take place in Winterpeg.

On On!
Duke of Hurl

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