Run #1284 - Evil, Evil, Evil Shit or... What Day is This?

June 6, 2006

Hares: Snevil, Sqevil, Blevil & King Shit
Where: Confederation Park, 7 St & 30 Av NW
On-In: Kits on 16th, 720 16th Ave NW
Big Rock: Trad and Honey Brown at a sinfully low price
Attendance: 41 souls

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In the end, all the 666 stuff was just hype and hot air and meant little more than the numbers were the first three in the zip code for Topeka, the Kansas capital that -- come to think of it -- has been compared to Hell on earth.

Oh, sure, there were signs that Satan was performing his handiwork amid the crowd who gathered at Confederation Park for the Calgary hash's Very Special and Possibly Unprecedented Tuesday Instead of Monday Edition. For instance:

OK, so there wasn't really a creek crossing near the community centre, and the U-turn through the 10th Street tunnel was OK. Snevil kept reminding the hash that she knew nothing about the trail, which, on second thought, isn't that unusual at all.

Hashers attempted to follow a pitchfork-laden trail in the neighbourhoods near Confederation Park, or actually a trail with pictures of pitchforks -- except for Bobbin, who had a real devilish one.

Luckily, he didn't stick anybody.

R.I.P., Billy Preston

On On!
Duke of Hurl

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