Run #1269 - Fun with Numbers

Twisty and her pussy at run #1269

February 20, 2006

Hares: Hardly and Twisted Sister
Where: Kits on 16th, 720 16th Ave NW
Big Rock: $9.69 Jugs!
Attendance: 34

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As far as anyone can tell, co-hares Hardly and Twisted Sister never dreamed of hurtling face first down an ice-covered track at 120 kilometers an hour to win Winter Olympics gold.

Nor did they want CBC Talking Head Brian Williams to ask them if they walked 10 kilometers each way to practice each day through knee-deep snow and -40C temperatures to achieve Olympic greatness.

No, they had simpler goals: $3.69 for a dozen wings, $9.69 for a jug of beer and a short trail that measured nine blocks by nine blocks with six checks.

Welcome to the Hardly Broke a Sweat, Fun With Numbers hash, which was run on a mild February night from Kits on 16th, just hours after the Canadian women's hockey team captured Olympic gold.

Hardly and Twisty set a trail that required less effort than curling does. Fortunately, there were no figure-skating judges to critique performances, no aerials to perform, no insanely steep downhills on which hashers could break a leg or rip up a knee, and nobody wore sequins.

But there still were some Olympic-calibre performances. Among them:

On On!
Duke of Hurl

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