Run #1204 - The 2004 Munchkin Run
The Trail that Baby Missed

December 27, 2004

Hares: Lost It, Gopher Broke, Hot On Trail (and not Baby)
Where: Pete's Peanut Pub, #30 - 7337 Sierra Morena Blvd SW
Attendance: 32

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So there we were ...the pathetic few with no lives...standing around outside Peanuts Sports Pub waiting for this year's MUNCHKIN RUN....Standing in for HARE OF THE DOG...was BABY.....supposedly. However, being a weenie in cold weather, he failed to show, and so we were left with GOFER BROKE, HOTTIE and LOST IT to lead us astray.
The usual blah- blah in the circle and we were off.

Running here.......running there... checks, check backs, missed marks, a playground, ...ooh... nice lights. Who is that nut in shorts ...(oh KING SHIT), Who is that screaming on trail (oh..MUM and HOTTIE), Who is that running like a deer ( oh TENDERLOINS) , who is that doing more screaming ( oh LOST IT lost it at KNOBBY)
Back to the bar.

The LICKERS, who had missed the circle because they supposedly had something more important to do, apparently caught the tail end..(?????) and were preparing for the Religious ceremonies...but where were the hares and the rest of the back of the packers? Rumours galore that 2 of the HARES (LOST IT and HOTTIE) had lost the trail themselves and were wandering aimlessly until INSPECT HER BUTT got them back on track.

And on to the Down - Downs..

No choir tonight

And then we were ON THE PISS and drinking BIG ROCK!!

ON - ON to the Tacky formal run in 2005!!!!!
Party Pumper

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