Run #1197 - Grey Cup Run

November 21, 2004

Hares: Squeeky et al
Where: 101 Panamount Close NW
Attendance: 27

This was the Grey Cup run where it was supposed to be the Rider's vs. the Argo's until someone screwed up an 18 yard field goal with the Rider's. There is just no point in cheering for anyone at this point.

The run was started with a semicircle formed at Squeaky and Sumpyton's driveway. Newboot was John and archives were Purple Twist and Night Train. After a normal start into a run, we were joined by a new car hasher. Tenderloins was lost trying to find her way to Squeaky's about 20 minutes into the run when she spots us and parks her car to join us. However, she fails to take note of where she parked her car so she lost her car at the end of the run. With Skewbic's vast array of gadgets that tell him how fast, far, long etc. he has went, he now needs to add homing devices for his keys. After getting back to Squeaky's, he realized that he lost his keys somewhere on trail. (Do they still make those keychains where you whistle and your keychain will make a noise to help you find it? Perhaps Skewbie should get one of those for Christmas.) Skewbie ended up having to run the trail again. About an hour after Skewbie 's second running of the trail, Kawky realizes that he heard something fall out of Skewbie's pocket and decides to drive to the spot that he heard something fall and finds the keys within ten seconds. Kawky should be getting hash shit for life because he made Skewbie run the trail twice. He is so lucky that he is the Hash Shit Master. Also, in true hasher fashion, the trail leads us right past a liquor store and we even went through a movie theatre.

Down downs went to Night Train for competitive running (Skewbie was out of breathe trying to keep up to him), Sucks Everything for not understanding lawyers and Tenderloins for losing her car at the end of the run.

Hash shit nominations were given to Skewbie for losing his keys, Hot On Trail for misdirecting the Hash Shit Master, the hares for making us run through a theatre without a popcorn stop, Twistie for forgetting her name at the circle up, Tenderloins for being a FROP in her car and then jumping out of her car so that she could be a FROP runner. Other possible nominations for hash shit that were forgotten could have went to Sticky Lips for not knowing the difference between Left Bun and Right Bun and also for forgetting to bring milestone mugs. At the end it was voted in that the Hash Shit should go to Skewbie for losing his keys.

Milestones went to Left Bun for 250 runs and Sucks Everything for 50 runs.

During the game, it was revealed that Kawky visits his gynecologist whenever he has a sore throat and Sucks Everything has experience in rolling back odometer in cars. Please feel free to contact them if you need their services.

I have no idea what teams were playing in the Grey Cup. I was watching NHL hockey at that time.

On On!
Sucks Everything

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