Run #1192 - A Year of Shticky Punishment

October 25, 2004

Hares: Lemiester, Hash Test and Twisty
Where: The Skinny
$10 Big Rock Jugs & 10% Food Discount
Attendance: 55

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The hash began in a wee parking lot across from SAIT near 14th St and 16th Av NW. Limp Dog showed Hashers how to fit Billy Thong's wee vehicle into a wee parking spot. I'm not sure how they got the doors open. As smooth as ever, Limpy was able to negotiate through the hash circle and fit into a parking space blocked by the tail end of an extended pickup truck.

The run was clockwise through SAIT, around the Jubilee Auditorium, and back through North Hill Plaza ending at a Lebanese food regroup. Apparently Dreary was seen walking away in disgust. What no beer?

Down Downs

Claude Barbie and Neon, leaving without permission, were sent on there way ceremoniously (F-off, F-off...). Neon, off to Ottawa for retirement with plans of starting the Gatineau Hills Hash because "Ottawa is too lame", had his shorts pulled down unceremoniously mid gulp.

Lynn Newboot, also worried about her pants, asked for a designated drinker (newboots generally can't drink anyhow), so Always, who was in the general vicinity, was able to offer his services (fending off King Shit to claim the pint).

Bobbin, well known for bike injuries, announced that Sticky Lips had told him that she only had rug burn on all fours to show for her trip to Moab.

Benoit and Cums Seven times, sitting at the table next to me, ordered stinky omelettes. I guess Benoit couldn't stand the smell either, so she left the stinky half eaten plate to gab elsewhere.

Sucks Everything tried to get the hairdressers next door to the pub for a drink with us (Nice try Sucks, shot down again).

A Blue Balls quotable when asked, are those, your nachos? "I've got to stop eating these things".

Neon left the Hash Shit in his friend's garage, so there was no shit out. Neon forgot his son's name. He was introducing him, as Slide n Glide all night until Scoobie arrived with the comment, isn't this Easy Glider? Neon kindly allowed others to buy his orphaned son beer all night. "You'll do okay with the hash, son".

Where's Scoobie?

Scoobie has taken the hash cash to a new level of organization. Scoobie was seen milling about guzzling a pint of amber nectar while Baby and wife Mucky Dip actually collected the cash, albeit, he did announce, "hash cash is closing"! The hash cashers made an auspicious debut, arriving late at the on-in from the Lebanese food regroup.

"Last time I saw him, he was still eating at the food regroup" (Dreary)!

On On!

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