Run #1183 - The Rise And The Fall Of The Bendable Member

August 23, 2004

Hares: Kawky Whorrerrrrrrr, Burning Rubber, Cocktail
Where: Elbow River Inn
Attendance: 54

The crowd was gathering as we walked up to the entrance of the Elbow River Inn. We were a little late, but better late than not at all. The circle commenced at 7:10 pm. The announcements were long and boring. We had a wondrous site awaiting us in the circle, our Hash Master had his bendable member hanging out of his shorts. A few of the Hashers described their jobs for the Hash. Then the announcement for the Yummy Erections on Sept 27, 2004. This night will be the Yummy Kipper and the Erections all in one evening. Cum and have a Yummy Erection.

We started out South along Mcloud Trail across the river on the bridge. The check had the Hash going in three directions. Wet One went East, and no one was following her as she is usually off trail. It turned out that she was on trail. Smirk headed that way and found another check. He decided that it was time for a water crossing, so he headed back North across the River. He did pull a couple of others with him, to a check back on the North Side. The four of them had to cum right back to the South side. We continued to run East around the Stampede Grounds. The check at the South East corner was great. We split into two groups. One continued East and the rest of us went North. We continued on a long run to the Horse Bridge and stairs at the East entrance. The true trail went up the stairs into the district. The walkers went West and straight to the regroup. We ran through the districts over to the Zoo bridge, across and up to Memorial Drive, then West for a bit and South back to the Stampede grounds, winding our way around, to the regroup at the base of the C-train station. We had a great re-group snack/drink. Jell-o Shooters. They were scrumptious. The On In was only two blocks from there. Great run, Thanks for setting it.

At the on-in, we were inside the pub, it was a bit chilly on the patio, so the first runners opted for the bar. We noticed on our way in that Sticky Likker was limping a little. Sticky Lips said that he pulled a muscle, nothing to worry about, I bet she pulled his muscle.


Choir - P'Tooey, Blow no Evil, and Randy Bastard. Whale Wanker was voted off the choir by loud and obnoxious boo's.

Hares: Kawky Whorrerrrrrr, Burning Rubber, and Cocktail. Best Marathon Ever on a Monday Night. Not enough river crossings. Best re-group today.

New Boots Archives and Visitors: Too Many to name. Thanks for cumming back, cumming to visit or just cumming out.

The Hares came back up to do some trivia and give out prizes. There were numerous questions and answers. P'Tooey answered a couple correct and received chocolate breasts. Dreary answered on e right and he got a chocolate penis that he promptly gave to Mum.(What a Guy).

Hot and Steamy's friend was called up because she wanted to quit the run and cum back to the bar and drink the beer and sing our crazy (kareokee) songs. She was told that you have to crawl through the legs of the other Hashers to get your beer. Wet One, Dreary, Smirk and friends lined up and she crawled through their legs and they all spanked her but. (She figured out that she did not have to do that, when no one else did it during the evening).

Smirk and Short Change. They were called up because she was the first one that Smirk conned into the first water crossing. He had to pull her over and back again, but they had fun.

Duke of Hurl: received a Hash Shit to take home with him to the U.S. He only shows up to run with us after he does a Marathon in Alberta. He should loose that hash shit down there, Please. The next time you run with us, please see Hash Cash and sign a waver, you will not get your milestone reward unless you do.

Limp Dick: 50 run. Way to go, you have no life. You know, he likes hashing so much, that houses could be burning and he runs away.

Sticky Lips and Sticky Likker: These two are always stuck together. It was rumored that the circle was to long and boring, so they had sex while waiting.

The New Boot Norman: It looks to us that he has new shoes. Well Norman, guess what, you now get to drink from your shoe. He was a good sport and drank beer from his shoe, he said it was old, but OK. Golden Showers, you keep bringing out these guys with their new shoes.

Golden Showers: 250 runs. We have not seen him for 2 years and then his first run back and it's a milestone. He has been hashing for 14 years. That is an average of 17.8 runs per year. He has a life. The half yard was pored, and warmed up for him to drink, and we found out that he has developed an allergy to alcohol. No Joke. Sorry about that, now we know for next time.

Smirk was running across the bridge, left a trail of white goo. He blew his load early.

Knobby's dog Chase was whining in the circle when no-one else would express their feelings. He received the hash shit from Mouth Full.

On the piss! Thanks to all the hares, and our special r.a. Lumberjack

Overheard at the on in after down downs: Dirty Dancer and Mouthful were hashing in Vegas. They did a great run in the desert with them. At the bar afterwards, the Vegas Hash asked them to sing a song from here or to show them a ritual we have. Well, the shy and very conservative Dirty Dancer decided that he would show a tradition from the Full Moon Hash, and he Mooned them. Way to go Dirty Dancer.

On On!
Twisted Sister

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