Run #1174 - A Nice Run, If You're A Mountain Goat

July 5, 2004

Hares: Knobslinger, Skewbic Hare
Where: Nose Hill Park, corner of Shaganappi Tr and Edgemont Blvd NW
On-In: Edgemont World Health Club
Big Rock:
Attendance: 56

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This was a nice level run....if you were a mountain goat. Come on, this is Nose Hill Park, what the hell is a person to expect....rolling plains?? So many hills that even Krusty was caught short cutting. With Krusty short cutting, that should give good indication that perhaps there were too many hills.

[link to Big Rock Brewery]

Down downs were held at the World Health Organization. Or was it World Health Club?? I can't remember what the hell it was called. That is what happens when you are suffering from altitude sickness at the top of Nose Hill Park.

Kawky Whoreurrrrr was substitute RA. Newboots were, Laura, Troy and Kase. Visitor was Rubber Maid from Edmonton. Archive was On In.

Down Downs were given to King Shit (Mr. Sticky and Sweaty) for refusing an offer of a ride to the top of Nose Hill Park from Sticky Lips and Sticky Licker just before the run started. Perhaps the altitude was altering his mind because King Shit NEVER refuses a ride.

A couple of sexual offences were made on trail. The first one being it must be mating season because Bobbin' Robin was flashing his rear end so that Rubber Maid could pinch it. After the down downs, Rubber Maid was commenting about her inability to down a beer because she said that she was tired from swallowing in the morning. Auntie Frank wanted to apply to the Guinness people (the world record people, not the beer company) for achieving sexual potency. Once Hash Test Dummy heard about this, she orders Auntie Frank to came back and finish what he started.

Jack and Jill award went to Half Way Down and Screw Top for going to the top of the hill so that they could fall down the hill on top of each other. All that Half Way Down could say about that was "oooops".

Hash shit was given to Knobby for standing at a check directing hashers which way to go like a drill sergeant while he was drinking a beer and refusing to share some of it. That offence should deserve the shit for something like two years less a day.

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