Run #1164 - No Shiggy!

April 26, 2004

Hares: Bum Titty, Bobbin' Robin
Where: Moose's Pub on Canyon Meadows and Elbow Drive SW
Attendance: 63

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As I arrived at about 7:10, about 65 hashers were wandering out of Moose's Pub on the corner of Canyon Meadows Drive and Elbow Drive to "circle-up". Pole vault volunteered me to be scribe for the night. I tried to get out of it as I had no pencil and paper, but TNT quickly provided me with some (dam these efficient women).

Smirk called for announcements and Midol indicated that he had an opening for the Hash Christmas dinner for 2050, which was booked for Dec 17th. There were various announcements about COGS and the Rocky Mountain Hash. Smirk then asked for new boots, visitors and archives, and 7 people walked into the centre of the circle including our beloved Puppy. Introductions followed.

Hares Bum Titty and Bobbin' Robin explained the marks - H's, O's, X's, and some tape - Nothing new!

We then took off to the east along Canyon Meadows Drive to where we were running alongside The Beautiful, Gorgeous, Green, Foot-pathed, Treed, Shiggy-filled Fish Creek Park. A Check and everyone naturally waited with baited breath as hashers searched for marks in the park. Alas, everyone was very disappointed when hashers found the trail in the street across the road to the north. The run then proceeded through various streets and back alleys, just like a winter run, and no shiggy. After 40 minutes or so, we returned to the pub with clean running shoes.

Around 8:30, Hardly asked everyone to listen-up. We finally stopped talking and listened up, after Lumberjack burst our ear drums with his nice gentle whistle. Hardly introduced Lakey and P'Tooey as RA's for the evening, and after getting hares Bum Titty and Bobbin' to do their down-downs, they asked choir boys Drury and Pole vault to form the choir. Note that unlike other things, in the case of choirs, larger is not necessarily better.

[link to Big Rock Brewery] Various hashers did down-downs. Two virgins and archive, Puppy, did their down-downs, as did visitors Rubbermaid from Edmonton and Hobo and wife from England. The crowd seemed very impatient, not typical at all. P'Tooey pointed out that 3 tapes generally mean that we go back to the check. There was one tape tied to a tree and Bobbin was there holding the other 2, so he got another down-down. Hardly had done something wrong, so got the double hash-shit and had to drink out of both plungers, which he did without spilling a drop - got to be the sign of a misspent something.

Hash Test Dummy told us about a potentially nasty incident in which she had climbed over a barb wire fence, then Cherry moved it and nearly castrated her. Lakey suggested the name "Wire Puller" for Cherry, and the crowd suggested "Pull-My-Wire", "Hot Wire", and "Circumsizer". Cherry was finally christened "Hot Wire".

The chief hare, Bum-Titty was called up and chastised for not going into Fish Creek Park. He was given the Hash Shit that Perfesser had had for the previous few weeks, and both drank down-downs. Don't worry Bum-Titty, it was still a good hash run, it's just that it could have been better.

Hobo came up and complained that Wet One had or hadn't remembered him or something, and so she got a down-down. P'Tooey noted the strong similarity between Hobo and Neon, who had both just returned to Calgary from England and Europe. He wondered if there had been some cloning going on. P'Tooey noted that Pole vault was carrying his dog tote bag but did not have his dog! Kingshit noted that Smirk had told a new boot to bring a change of clothes, and he later overheard him apologizing to her as there had not been any shiggy on this run. Everyone rose to sing the sexual life of the camel, for some reason. Neon noted that Lumberjack had not known the lumberjack song at a hash in Paris that they both had gone to. Finally, Knobby told us about Skewbic Hair doing a face plant on the bike ride on the weekend and was very lucky that he had landed on his head, otherwise he might have hurt himself.

P'Tooey called for more tales from the crowd and as there was none, we went back on the piss.

I left at this point so rather than making up a bunch of stuff as others would do, I'll end.

On On!

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