Run #916 - Bun Shiggy Run

April 10, 2000

Hares: One Left Bun, one Right Bun, and one with a bit o'....
Location: The Bow Valley Ranchhouse at the end of Bow Bottom Trail
On-In: Lighthouse Pub in Deer Run Plaza, 1140 - 137 Ave SE
Attendance: 64

Ah, St Valentine's Day. A day devoted to love, a day to send heart warming greatings to those who are near and dear, and a woping good day for a hash.

The first shiggy run of the year, brought to you by the Buns. As to be expected of the hash we started right on time (at least on the right day and in the correct hour). We circled up and said hi to the non-regular hashers and listened to various announcements, some of which may have been important. Then came the hares, the Right and Left Buns sporting fashionable shiggy on their legs and shoes. Instructions were given (and obviously ignored as shall be illustrated later).

Very soon after we started we came to a bridge where we faced a very difficult decision; follow the pack past a checkback, or follow the trail through shiggy? I chose shiggy, as did a few other brave souls. Run though shiggy, up muddy trails and soon a BRG. The amber nectar was bliss after the first shiggy of the year. A quick dash back the cars, we were off to the Lighthouse pub.

The beer was flowing and all was merry. The R.A.s then got things rolling by appointing P'tooie and Pole Vault as choir.

After all this your intrepid scribe went on the prowl to see what he could uncover:

Now for a couple of public service announcements:


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