Run #847 - "The Howell Run"
Gilligan's Island-episode #2

March 1, 1999

Hares: The Smirking Professor, Hardly Howell the Third
Location: Pig & Whistle Pub

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a brainless hash.
That started from a pub in town,
aimless, confused, aimless and confused.

The hare was a mighty "smirk"ing man,
the other hare extra " HARD"
The hash was blessed by Gillip'tooey
The hash master threw a fish, he really threw a fish.

The weather started getting cool
The pack was off at once.
If not for the gullible F.r.o.p ing crew
That check back would be missed,
The fucking long check back!

The pack set down on the slide of
this suburban play ground stop
With many straws and nectar too
Kawky and Beige missed it all
The full moonlight, the flagging
and the chalk marks
Here on run 8-4-8!

Back to the on in the pack traveled
After trekking through nosehill
Pack, a second regroup and a
Long downhill on in trail.

I like Beige/ Kawky- Wandering during a RG
Knobby- Fish abuse (where was Left Bun anyway)
Krusty- 'I screwed up' for fropping
Midol- Hashshit for getting lost following Ben Wa

Quotes from the night

" At least we ran through a hole"
" Can you blow your own stick?"
Private Stick
' Wouldn't you?"
"Hey Wetone you're passing Twisted Sister AGAIN"
(How the hell did he know?)
" My fingers smell like fish"
Wett butt
" Are those as hot as they smell ? "
" I need hare!"


On On,

Wet One

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