Run #835 - How the Munchkins Stole the Run

December 30, 1998

Hares: Gopher Broke, Stupid Question, Lost It and Hare of the Dog
Location: McGillicutty's Pub and Pizzaria

T.P.L and Krusty were going to hare on Monday December 30, 1998. Pole Vault had everyone gaggle up so that the munchkins could explain their unusual marks for tonight's hash turkey and veer burn off. M was on. MM check. UM check back. Off we went into unforgiving territory those munchkins can be brutal . We ran this way that way up hills, down hills. Thank god there was no shiggy , I did not think people with legs that short could be so ferocious. But they were our worst nightmare.

Back at the On In the following quotes were heard:

Pole Vault didn't make it to the kiss break because there was a wire fence he would have to climb over.

Other quotes noted:

There was a sexual offence; Lap Dog and Right Bun were sipping Butter Ripple at the same time. Lumber Jack called Hare of The Dog a munchkin B H.

At the On In the following were awarded down downs:

Well it's 3.30 AM . I do not want to stress out the chief scribe Butthead any more than I already have. That's why he held a gun to my head to scribe two times in a row. When I complained he said Canadian Beaver is the real chief scribe. She just lets me pretend that I am running the show. I don't want her to get mad at me.




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