Run #814 - The Blonde Lead The Blonde

August 24, 1998

Hares: P'Tooie & Dirty Dancer

What can I say?

I lost my notes for this one. So here we go from a Blonde memory.

The circle began as usual with the normal boring announcements, etc, the pack greeted a gaggle of new (female…Yeah!!!!) boots and visitors.

The hares , P’tooie and Dirty Dancer, deserve high marks for a well laid trail, starting at Shouldice Park, and winding its way along the mighty Bow river, and weed infested fields, a refereshing change from the typical boring Abu Dhabi trails through residential areas. Especially impressive was the fact that the pack never got more than about 1 km away from the starting point, with the hares successfully laying trail that circled back upon itself several times. There were a few tricky parts. One un-named, enthusiastic new boot, with a very nice cheeks, managed to get them soiled while sliding down the river bank. We’re trying to find the gentleman Hasher who helped her brush off her Dusty Butt (sounds like a good handle to me). Another devious part brought the pack dangerously close to the river, and of course a few half-minds felt compelled to splash about in the water, completely missing the fact that there was a dry trail higher up the bank.

The River-In On-In saw the typical honors given to the hares, with special honors to Baby, who received a nice jacket for stupidly paying Hash Cash more than 200 times, and Jake the Slippery (Armpit) Snake for attending 50 times, apparently in the last 10 years. Kawky Whorer was also seen on his knees downing a beer, for some offense I can’t remember. There were several new boots were called forward for the traditional down-down who refused to drink a beer (must have been a few Edmonton wimpettes).

This sorry excuse for a scribe sheet is brought to you by Slippery Armpit and Raghead (who lent me a pen to write the notes that I lost)

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