Run #801 - Hangover Run: The Feed

June 7, 1998

As hashers staggered out of their tents after the debauchery of the night of the 800th run, they were greeted by a familiar (and not to unpleasant sight to some) of Dreary with the assistance of Hard On and Twisted Sister cooking away making yet another scrumptious breakfast for the hash survivors. What better way to soak up some that excess beer sloshing around in the gut than some of Dreary's famous (From scratch - no wussy mixes for this hash) pancakes, with greasy breakfast sausages for those that need something to get their teeth into, and plenty of champagne and orange juice to wash it down with. No coffee. Who needs wide awake hung over drunks?

After cooking for an eternity, the two cooks Dreary and Hard On took off to lay the 801 hangover trail (Despite warnings from Ranger Sue not to do it). Three minutes later they were back, laying the best hangover trial ever run by the Calgary Hash. After all, it took the Calgary Hash twice as long (6 minutes) to run the two check-backs, one check, and ON IN (which was only 30 yards from the end!) Skewbic called the circle, the Dreary and Hard On were downed, and everyone was told to piss off. The weekend was over, the run was done, and all I wanted to do was go somewhere and sleep.

Great thanks go to Twisted Sister for her help in preparing the breakfast, even through she was overlooked in the ensuing thank you down downs!


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