Run #794 - How little skiing & Hashing have in common

May 4, 1998

This run is brought to you by: Moonshine & Hardass This was a difficult run for your devoted scribe. After spending another weekend skiing, I found it tough to run. I kept thinking How little skiing & Hashing have in common. Well yes you can drink an awful lot of beer. (Not recomended before you ski/run). Other that they have little in common.For example you will never see Baby skiing, being that it is generally a cold weather sport. Although you may see an ACD but not usually this late in the year. The only Whiteballs you see are Snow balls.As I wandered the trail I noticed Polevault walking. This is almost Impossible on a ski hill. Unless you have snow shoes. As Moonshine came running down the trail yelling "you are going the wrong way". I realized you could not possibly do this on a ski hill - I have never ever seen anyone ski up a hill.As Hardass was wandering around surching for her adjective. Apparently, "Hard, is not good enough" for her, (does this mean size does not matter??) we found Moonshine pointing the way like a "Short Hared Boinker". A breed rarely found on the ski hill but a very favoured breed amongst Hashers.When on the slopes I spend my time testing the moguls. However at a Hash you will find Tiny Bubbles testing ACD's Moral's. Now Stupid Question would make a great bump skiier as she claims to have "Lucky Jump Reflexes" & strong ankles. I am not exactly sure what she means, but I would like to find out.During a Hare-cut (a short cut pointed out by a hare). I had the opportunity to eaves drop on a conversation between the virgin Jan & Cory (a 2 timer). They were discussing how they were following blindly and "feel like sheep". True Hashers they are, as every now and then a good Hasher will feel like a sheep. But that is another story. The only sheep on a ski slope is a Big horn(y) sheep, not recommended for a Hashers needs.Many times I've had a wet butt on the ski hill but none like the Wetbutt of CH3. Although she was punished for geting Lumberjack excited for the first time in a year. She was also quoted as saying she loved LTP but he was too fast, or something like that.The threesome Hardly & Twisted Sister & 007 were down downed for their 100th run. That would take about 4 years of skiing every weekend. And would cost about $4600. Hashing costs about $300 for the same # of runs ($800 with beer). Hashing appears to be a much better deal than Skiing. Unless you have a Bobbin Robin who claims to be a "Beer Looter".The Mountains are full of virgin snows. But none have drifted like a Mucky Dip. But she redeems herself in the hash by throwing Virgins to the wind/run. honerable mention must go to the absent Perfesser who sent several virgins, & once again Wetbutt gets a runner-up. (pun intended)Heres to the Virgins: Bob, Mark, Marg, Jeneen, Medina, Joan, Joanne. (spelling optional) & here is to the Run. Carpe viam, as read off the back of Hardass

Your ever vigilant Nipple Detector!
ON-ON for now.

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