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Stampede News

Rope, ride & brand 'em! Our annual Stampede hash & Pig Roast goes on July 13-14. Only $29.95 gets you the run, beer, roast pig with trimmings, beer, free campsite, beer, a kewl shirt, cider, use of porta-potties, beer, pancake breakfast, leftover beer. There is also a good chance that beer will be served. More info at

Edmonton Bids for World Interhash

[LINK] Edmonton is bidding for the 2006 Interhash! This worldwide convention is the biggest event in all of hashdom. More info at

Hogtown Bids for Interamericas Hash

[LINK] Hogtown (Toronto) is bidding for the 2005 Interamericas Hash. It's a great warm-up for Edmonton in 2006 doncha think?
More info at their website

Hash on TV!

April 8, 2002 - "Zed" a CBC show devoted to all that is hip, did a short film about the Hash House Harriers. They featured hashes in Bangkok, Brazil and Fiji.

Hash Email Fixed (sorta)

March 3, 2002 - Until the email addreses work again, I've changed the "List o' Hashers" so that it uses people's "real" email. The list contains some sneaky geeky tricks to keep "email miners" from finding your email address and adding you to their list of spam victims.

February 14, 2002 - You know those nifty email addresses you all have? Well, the Calgary hash email redirection system is completely hosed (for those of you who are a little slow, that means it doesn't work). You won't be able to reliably send email anyone at until Tubbles finishes fixing it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We're Goin' to Goa!

[LINK] ...and Hong Kong... and Kathmandu... and Delhi... and The Taj Mahal (Agra)... and Jaipur...

Start in LA on Wednesday, September 18.
Finish at Interhash 2002 in Goa on Saturday, October5.

Limited to 40 Hashers. More info is here

Checkback! Hasher in Deep Shiggy

Richard "Deep Shit" Mechan is wrongly imprisoned in Bahrain.
Find out how you can help

Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#1054 - Guaranteed Shiggy! - June 24, Monday @ 7:00 pm
Hares: Krusty, Burning Rubber, Doris Day (possibly Pull It and Horse With No Name)
Where: Moose's Neighbourhood Pub, 1065 Canyon Meadows Drive S.W. (corner of Elbow Dr. and Canyon Meadows Drive beside the Husky)

#1055 - We Are the Horses Ass - July 1, Monday @ 7:00 pm
Hares: P'Tooie, Lakey, Hard On, Twisted Sister, Pole Vault, Hare Of The Dog, Dreary, Mom
Where: Bee Boo Grove (at the end of 24th Street SW in Fish Creek Park)
On-In: Mum and Dreary's brewery at 240 Shawmeadows Rd
Cost: $25.00 - Full Meal Deal - Steak, Beer, Trash, Pop, All the Fixings
      $15.00 - Same as above without the trash
Bring: Party in backyard, so bring your lawnchairs

[COGS logo]
COGS #83 - July 6, Saturday @ 2:00pm
Hare: Big Spill and Yessir Aeroflat
Where: Tigersteidet Block Bar, corner of 9th Ave NE and Centre Street North
Cost: $5
Bring: a Bike
More Info: limited parking, bike stalls (and free beer) available for those who ride in

[ape logo] Rocky Mountain Hash #39 - June 15, Saturday @ 2:00pm
Hares: Right Bun and guest hare
Where: TBA

#1056 - July 8, Monday @ 7:00 pm
Hares: Bum Titty and Bobbin' Robin
Where: Shillelagh's Pub, West Market Square, #323 - 1851 Sirocco Drive SW
Directions: From Sarcee Trail SW. turn west onto 17th Ave. SW. Take your first left onto Sirocco Drive and your first left onto Signature Way. Follow Signature Way into the big empty parking lot behind the bar

#1057 - Stampede Hash Campout - July 13, Saturday @ 2:00 pm
Hares: Smirk, Whale Wanker, Fuhkawee, King Shit, Perfesser
Where: Perfesser & Jock's place in Bearspaw
Cost: $29.95 gets you kegs of Big Rock, BBQ and a place to pitch your tent
More Info: is at

#1058 - July 15, Monday @ 7:00 pm
Hares: Pyro
Where: ?

#1059 - July 22, Monday @ 7:00 pm
Hares: ?
Where: ?

[LINK] Full Moon Hash #112 - July ?@ 7:00 pm, ?day
Hares: Dick Tater and Doug
Where: 240 Shawmeadows Drive
Bring: Bring a lawnchair, your own drinks and $4 Hash Cash
Food: Pizza will be ordered for those that want it

#1060 - Retro Pub Crawl - July 26, Friday @ 7:00 pm
Hare: Wet One
Where: ?

[COGS logo]
[ape logo] COGS & Rocky Mountain Hash Camp-out - August 9-11, Friday-Sunday
Hares: Lay 'em In Snow
Where: Pine Grove A campgound located 45km west of Calgary. Take Route 1 to the Sibbald creek trail turnoff (HWY 68) and follow the road for 16.5km (look for the sign). Make sure that the gate is locked at all times!!!
Cost: TBA, probably about $20
Bring: a Bike

[LINK] Full Moon Day Hash #113 - Erections - August 22 @ 7:00 pm, Thursday
Hares: ???
Where: ???

#1067 - Karaoke and Cross-Dressing Run - September 9, Friday @ 7:00 pm
Hare: Wet One, Smirk, King Shit
Where: ?

[LINK] Full Moon Day Hash #114 - September 21 @ 7:00 pm, Saturday
Hares: ???
Where: ???

[LINK] Interhash 2002 - September 27th - 29th 2002
Where: Goa, India
More Info:

Munich Oktoberfest Hash - September 27th - 29th 2002
Where: Munich, Germany
More Info: See their website

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