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updated: Monday, September 25 at 09:23:29 PM

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El Camino!
April 11, 2022 — Calgary Hashers only seem to know the first verse. Here are some more verses, courtesy of Madison H3
Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
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#2305 - Yummy Kippers Run / Erections night - 7:00pm Monday, September 25
Hares: Twisted Sister, Hardly and special guest hares
Where: Moose McGuire Pub, 779 Northmount Dr. NW Calgary, AB T2L 0A1
Cost: $5.00
Bring: Head lamps, as the trail will be dark towards the end.
Notes: Regroup drinks will be provided on trail. Depending on weather temps, Down downs and erections may take place outside. Otherwise down downs will be inside the pub.
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #383 - Harvest Moon Run - 7:00pm Thursday, September 28
Hares: Baad Santa
Where: Edworthy Park South Parking Lot
RA: Hot Haggis
Cost: $10.00 which includes wienie roast and regroup bevy.
Bring: Flashlight and head lamps to find the trail.
Notes: A beautiful fall evening with a wienie roast after the trail. NOTE, trail will start at 7:15 sharp as it is getting dark.
#2306 - It's pronounced 'Orange' - 7:00pm Monday, October 2
Hares: Hump le Shark
Cost: $5
Bring: A headlamp, it's that time...
#2307 - Thanksgiving - Hardly Haring - 2:00pm Monday, October 9
Hares: Hardly
#2308 - A Princess and a Strap-On - 7:00pm Monday, October 16
Hares: Strap-On and PMS
Where: TBA
#2309 - She's All Right - 7:00pm Monday, October 23
Hares: Sneve
Cost: $5
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #384 - Hunter’s Full Moon Run - 7:00pm Saturday, October 28
Hares: Stool Stuffer and Trashy Tush
Where: TBA
What: Erection night
RA: Hot Haggis
Cost: $5.00
#2310 - Halloween Howl - 7:00pm Monday, October 30
Hares: On-In, King Shit
#2311 - Guy Fawkes Day Jaunt - 7:00pm Monday, November 6
Hares: Ménage a Toi & Hung Loose
Where: TBA
#2312 - 7:00pm Monday, November 13
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2313 - Grey Cup - 2:00pm Sunday, November 19
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2314 - 7:00pm Monday, November 20
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #385 - Beaver Full Moon Run - 7:00pm Friday, November 24
Hares: You, yes You.
Where: TBA
RA: Hot Haggis
Cost: $5.00

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