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March 2022 COVID-19 Update

Stay flexible, change is the only constant

Current Situation – Restrictions? What restrictions?

Nearly all pandemic public health measures have been lifted in the province as of March 1, as the Alberta government launched Step 2 of its reopening plan. Masking is still required in high-risk settings including Alberta Health Services-operated and contracted facilities, all continuing care settings, and on municipal transit services.

The Calgary Hash House Harriers will continue our long held tradition of stumbling around poorly lit streets and trails, looking for feebly laid marks. In these trying times we encourage Hashers to get outside, breath fresh air, engage in physical activity and interact with our social group… at appropriate social distances. Always participate at your comfort level, everyone has to make this a personal choice, in the best interest for themselves and their families.

Here's How we are Hashing Now

For the next undetermined number of weeks Calgary Hash runs will consist of:

Your FU Covid Mismanagement

Receeding Hare Line

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El Camino!
April 11, 2022 — Calgary Hashers only seem to know the first verse. Here are some more verses, courtesy of Madison H3
Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

[LINK] Full Moon Hash #368 - The Sturgeon Full Moon - 7:00pm Thursday, August 11
Hares: Dictator & Dug
Where: Prairie Dog Brewing SE, 105D 58 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0N8
Directions: Off 58 ave SE east of Macleod Trail
RA: Squirrel Molester
Cost: $5 hash cash
Notes: Come celebrate the full moon with a run and cooling beverage!

Support our newly based Strathmore hares as they set trail in the big city.
#2239 - Mid August Run - 7:00pm Monday, August 15
Hares: Hot Cheeks and Menage a Trois
Where: TBA
What: Hot Cheeks and Menage a Trois will be setting trail!
RA: Rashy will find someone
Notes: August is a great time to come out and run with the Hash
Special Event Pacific NW Interhash - Friday, August 19 until Sunday, August 21
Where: Rangeton Park near Edmonton, Alberta
Notes: More Info at
#2240 - August Spectacle in Fish Creek! - 7:00pm Monday, August 22
Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Fish Creek - Shannon Terrace Amphitheatre
Directions: West Fish Creek Park 130 Ave SW to Woodpath Road SW, follow Woodpath Rd south to the Amphitheatre
On-In: Gators Sports Pub SW, 2525 Woodview Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2W 3Y1
Directions: Off 24 st SW in Woodbine
What: AP, we are thankful, that she is going to set another trail.
RA: Rashy will find someone
Cost: $5:00
Food & Booze: parking lot down downs. Bring a chair.
Bring: Dry shoes. Suspect we will be inspecting Fish Creek from one end to the other.
Notes: Fish Creek - Shannon Terrace location. Gators pub for those that feel inclined.
#2241 - Lofty Prancing in Action - 7:00pm Monday, August 29
Hares: Lofty Prancer
Where: TBA
What: Lofty Sets Trail
RA: Rashy will appoint someone
Bring: A chair for parking lot down downs
Notes: Should river crossings be involved, this could be a challenged for the shorter hashers.
#2242 - Pride Something - 7:00pm Monday, September 5
Hares: Never Bin A Hare on this date
Where: TBA
What: Never Bin _____ sets trail
Cost: $5:00
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #369 - The Harvest Moon - 7:00pm Saturday, September 10
Hares: Beggin' For It
Where: Aunty Frank,Hash Test Dummy Mansion, 1355 56 Ave N.W.
RA: Squirrel Molester
Cost: $10 includes light meal.
#2243 - Booty and Snow Blower Set Trail! - 7:00pm Monday, September 12
Hares: Booty Camp and Snow Blower
Where: TBA
What: Trail will be set
RA: Rashy will find someone
Cost: $5:00
Bring: A chair for parking lot down downs
#2244 - 7:00pm Monday, September 19
Hares: Liquor Lots, OPP
#2245 - The HHHHike - Saturday, September 24
Hares: King Shit, AP and ?
Where: A.O. Wheeler Hut, near Illecillewaet campground in Glacier National Park
Directions: 3.5 km west of the Rogers Pass Info Center
What: Our anal fall weekend in the mountains
Cost: $50 deposit to sign up. Final cost will probably be around $80
Notes: See the hike page for details
#2246 - 7:00pm Monday, September 26
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2247 - Yummy Kippers - 7:00pm Monday, October 3
Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: TBA

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