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March 2022 COVID-19 Update

Stay flexible, change is the only constant

Current Situation – Restrictions? What restrictions?

Nearly all pandemic public health measures have been lifted in the province as of March 1, as the Alberta government launched Step 2 of its reopening plan. Masking is still required in high-risk settings including Alberta Health Services-operated and contracted facilities, all continuing care settings, and on municipal transit services.

The Calgary Hash House Harriers will continue our long held tradition of stumbling around poorly lit streets and trails, looking for feebly laid marks. In these trying times we encourage Hashers to get outside, breath fresh air, engage in physical activity and interact with our social group… at appropriate social distances. Always participate at your comfort level, everyone has to make this a personal choice, in the best interest for themselves and their families.

Here's How we are Hashing Now

For the next undetermined number of weeks Calgary Hash runs will consist of:

Your FU Covid Mismanagement

Receeding Hare Line

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El Camino!
April 11, 2022 — Calgary Hashers only seem to know the first verse. Here are some more verses, courtesy of Madison H3
Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#2231 - Amazing Canada Day Hash - 12:00pm Friday, July 1
Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Prairie Dog Brewing, 105D 58 Ave SE
Directions: Southeast corner of Centre St and 58Ave
On-In: TBA
What: DEADLINE for Registration is June 20,2022.

Second Amazing Hash. Be prepared for anything to happen. Trail will be around 5 hours long. No Dogs but kids are welcome.
Cost: $65. Per person. Kids price will be customized. Please e transfer money to

Cost includes, Events, shirt, food and beverages. No profit from this event.
Notes: To register for this event, check out the CH3 Facebook page for info. Otherwise, email gslanger Info needed is Names of team of 2, Shirt Sizes M/F, what meat you eat? (Chicken,Beef,Veggie)

Get ready for a day of fun. Limited number of teams. The day includes a trail throughout Calgary, food, Beer and other drink options. Many challenges and trivia. More info to cum.
#2232 - Pyro Saves The Hash Again! - 7:00pm Monday, July 4
Hares: Pyro
Where: Tuscany NW Run Start Location, 10221 Tuscany Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3L 0A3
Directions: Access of Sarcee Trail NW
On-In: TBA
What: Pyro sets a run where there will be lots of elevations changes!
RA: Rashy will select someone
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: Be self sufficient. Will recommend a pub for the On-In! Stay Tuned.
Bring: A chair for post run down downs
Notes: Happens to be on some special day for our USA friendly folks. Wear your best Canadian flag attire to balance this off.
#2233 - Significant Birthday Run - 7:00pm Monday, July 11
Hares: Skewbic Hair and Dastardly
Where: South Glenmore Park - West Parking Area off 90 AVE SW, 35 st, 3520 90 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2V 5B9
Directions: 14 th Street South, West on 90 ave
On-In: TBA
What: Scoobie and Dastardly set a trail
RA: Rashy will appoint someone
Cost: $5:00
Food & Booze: Be self sufficient for down downs
Notes: Someone has a birthday "on the day"!
#2234 - Anal Stampede Campout - 2:00pm Friday, July 15 until Sunday, July 17
Hares: A dedicated gaggle of hashers who will mark an epic trail
Where: Flint Rock Ranch
What: The always-epic Stampede hash and campout. Includes Friday Full Moon run, Saturday main event, Sunday breakfast and Hangover run.
Cost: $69.69 for the main event. Full Moon separate $10.00 (independent books).
Food & Booze: Rego includes camping space, Saturday regroup(s)/down downs and dinner, Sunday breakfast, trash. Full moon run separate $10.00, including food.
Bring: Portable accommodations. Or buddy up quickly and request one of the cabins - these are at your own cost. **book through the organizers so nobody has to incur Airbnb 0ofees**
Notes: See the FB Post for details. etransfer $$ AND SHIRT SIZE to Hot Cheeks at After June 21, 2022, no shirt guarantee. Bring your own plates and cutlery, mugs etc. Minimize environmental impact(and $$).
#2235 - Hare required - 7:00pm Monday, July 18
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2236 - Snevil Run - 7:00pm Monday, July 25
Hares: This might be a Snevil run
Where: TBA
On-In: TBA
RA: Rashy will find someone.
Cost: $5.00
#2237 - 7:00pm Monday, August 1
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2238 - August Special Date! - 7:00pm Monday, August 8
Hares: Booty Camp and Snow Blower
Where: TBA
On-In: TBA
What: Booty Camp and Snow Blower apparently have a wedding anniversary on the day!
RA: Rash will find someone!
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: Be self sufficient for parking lot down downs.
Bring: A chair and appropriate clothing for the heat/cold/rain.
Notes: It will be a great trail.
#2239 - 7:00pm Monday, August 15
Hares: You could hare this run!
Special Event Pacific NW Interhash - Friday, August 19 until Sunday, August 21
Where: Rangeton Park near Edmonton, Alberta
Notes: More Info at
#2240 - 7:00pm Monday, August 22
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2245 - The HHHHike - Saturday, September 24
Hares: King Shit, AP and ?
Where: A.O. Wheeler Hut, near Illecillewaet campground in Glacier National Park
Directions: 3.5 km west of the Rogers Pass Info Center
What: Our anal fall weekend in the mountains
Cost: $50 deposit to sign up. Final cost will probably be around $80
Notes: See the hike page for details

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