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Calgary Hash House Harrier July-August Update

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Duke of Hurl : A Celebration of Life
May 17, 2019 — A celebration of life for Duke of Hurl (Greg Kuhl in real life) will be held on Friday, May 17, 2019 at LEYDEN'S CHAPEL OF REMEMBRANCE (corner of 17th Avenue & 2nd Street SW) at 2:30 p.m., preceded by viewing at 1:30 p.m., and followed by a gathering at Mill Street Brew Pub. Interment will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at Eden Brook Memorial Gardens (Lower Springbank Road & 17th Avenue SW) at 10:00 a.m

Greg's Obituary

July 1, The Largest Hash Run in Canada
July 1, 2017 — Canada is celebrating our 150th Birthday this year, so the Calgary Hash House Harriers are inviting every hash to run at the same time on July 1st, Canada Day.

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A Never-Before-Told Story
April 19 — Today would have been The Lady in Red's 60th birthday had she not been taken from us less than a week from celebrating her 57th birthday. Perhaps you've heard the story about how she accidentally inspired the world's first Red Dress Run.

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On-On Shit Happens
April 15, Edmonton — Shit Happens passed away peacefully this afternoon with his parents by his side. Somewhere a lake is being formed by the rivers of tears from the people he touched. Thanks to all the friends and family that supported Rob during his final journey. Raise a Black Label and wish him a fond farewell - On-On Shit Happens
Canadian breaks Beer Mile World Record

London, Ontario - Lewis Kent, a fourth-year University of Western Ontario kinesiology student classes has broken the world record for the "beer mile". Read about it at CTV News.

NCIS: New Orleans goes Hashing!

On October 27, NCIS: New Orleans airs "Insane in the Membrane". This episode features the Hash House Harriers' annual Red Dress Run. The run is cut short when a Petty Officer is found dead in the French Quarter.

Read about it here.

Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#2118 - 7:00pm Monday, August 10
Hares: Dastardly
Where: Safety City, 1717 50 Ave SW
Directions: Parking lot behind Glenmore Athletic Park. Look for the sign at corner of 50th Avenue SW and 16th Street SW
What: A non-shiggy trail that can be made shorter, easier and more hash-worthy by getting at least your feet wet. Herd mentality says it only takes one hasher to jump in the Elbow for an exploratory first descent before others follow like a bunch of lemmings
RA: Lying Sack of Shit
Bring: Bug spray, change of clothes for lemmings. BYOB, lawn chair for post run circle.
#2119 - 7:00pm Monday, August 17
Hares: Hump the Shark
Where: The Shark Tank, 319 Ranchlands Court
What: We’ll meet and regroup in the backyard. I’ll ask that every one uses the gate in the alley this time. Enter from the rear if you will :-).
RA: Dastardly
Food & Booze: Bring your own social beer and lawn chairs.
#2106 - Red Dress Run - 2:00pm Saturday, August 22
Hares: Stoolie & Rashy
Where: TBA
#2120 - 7:00pm Monday, August 24
Hares: PMS
Where: TBA
#2121 - 7:00pm Monday, August 31
Hares: Daisy Duke
Where: TBA
#2122 - 7:00pm Monday, September 7
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2123 - I Hear Banjos... Let's Go to the Mountains - Friday, September 11 until Sunday, September 13
Hares: King Shit, Abandoned Pussy and ?
Where: Elizabeth Parker Hut, Yoho National Park, BC
Directions: 3-4 hour hike (12 km) up a fire road from the parking lot
What: CH3 goes hiking in the mountains
Cost: $200 deposit required ASAP from all hikers. Final cost should be around: $250. We need to price out meals and ....umm.... beverages
Notes: See the hike page for details
#2124 - 7:00pm Monday, September 14
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2125 - 7:00pm Monday, September 21
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2126 - 7:00pm Monday, September 28
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA
#2127 - 7:00pm Monday, October 5
Hares: You could hare this run!
Where: TBA

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