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March 2022 COVID-19 Update

Stay flexible, change is the only constant

Current Situation – Restrictions? What restrictions?

Nearly all pandemic public health measures have been lifted in the province as of March 1, as the Alberta government launched Step 2 of its reopening plan. Masking is still required in high-risk settings including Alberta Health Services-operated and contracted facilities, all continuing care settings, and on municipal transit services.

The Calgary Hash House Harriers will continue our long held tradition of stumbling around poorly lit streets and trails, looking for feebly laid marks. In these trying times we encourage Hashers to get outside, breath fresh air, engage in physical activity and interact with our social group… at appropriate social distances. Always participate at your comfort level, everyone has to make this a personal choice, in the best interest for themselves and their families.

Here's How we are Hashing Now

For the next undetermined number of weeks Calgary Hash runs will consist of:

Your FU Covid Mismanagement

Receeding Hare Line

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El Camino!
April 11, 2022 — Calgary Hashers only seem to know the first verse. Here are some more verses, courtesy of Madison H3
Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
Get it here!

#2256 - Winter is Evil - 7:00pm Monday, November 28
Hares: Suck No Evil
Where: Marda Loop Communities Association, 3130 16th Street SW
Directions: Meet in the main parking lot on the South side of the tennis courts
On-In: Royal Exchange Bankview, 2905 14 ST SW, T2T 3V5
What: Winter is back next week so expect very short down-downs and a quick retreat to aprés.
RA: Sneve
Cost: $5.00
Notes: A winter trail, an on-trail regroup, short down downs, and off to the pub.
CH3 Murder Mystery Christmas Party - 7:00pm Saturday, December 3
Hares: Menage-a-trois and Hot Liquor host
Where: Menage-a-Trois and Hot Liquor's Palace, 1417 Prospect Avenue SW
Directions: Mount Royal
What: CH3 Christmas Party
RA: Abandoned Pussy is the coordinator of the Murder Mystery part
Cost: To be determined
Food & Booze: It will be a potluck. Finger food and appetizers for stand up nibbling. Check with Hot Cheeks on what to bring. Updates on the Facebook page.
Bring: RSVP ASAP via Facebook page or Abandoned Pussy directly
Notes: Fun time will be had by one and all. Dress up in your finest formal Murder Mystery attire!
#2257 - Insane December Run - 7:00pm Monday, December 5
Hares: Insane Bolt
Where: TBA
What: Insane Bolt, who is not known for setting pansy runs, will work up a storm of a run for those that like keep warm on the run!
RA: On In will select someone, and it might be you!
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: Down Downs inside somewhere warm. On-In location to be determined
Bring: What you need for a happy winter ice run. Spikes, headlamp, warm clothes for after.
Notes: Quick regroup beer at the end of the run, then off to the warmth of the pub for climate controlled down downs.
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #372 - December Christmas Cold Moon run - 7:00pm Friday, December 9
Hares: Hard On and Twisty
Where: TBA
RA: Hot Haggis
Cost: $10.00
Notes: More info to cum.
#2258 - AP Sets Trail - 7:00pm Monday, December 12
Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: TBA
What: AP has volunteered to set trail for us. She will likely create something memorable.
RA: On In will find someone
Cost: $5.00
Bring: A headlight and appropriate clothing.
#2259 - Always Wear Undawear - 7:00pm Monday, December 19
Hares: Snow Blower, Booty Camp
Where: TBA
What: One last run before BC absconds with Hash Cash and heads down unda.
RA: On In will appoint someone. It may be your turn!
Cost: $5:00
Food & Booze: Regroup beer outside, the off o the warm pub for down-down celebrations
Bring: Warm running clothes, headlamp and shoes that are right for the conditions
Notes: The longer the undawear, the better. Stay tuned for details
#2260 - Boxing Day Boxer Shorts - 2:00pm Monday, December 26
Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: TBA
RA: On In
Bring: Your Turkey filled bodies.
Notes: More info to cum
#2261 - New Year's Tacky Formal - 2:00pm Sunday, January 1 2023
Hares: On-In
Where: TBA
What: Tacky Formal Attire. Not to be missed!
Cost: $5.00
Bring: You finest tacky formal outfit
Notes: Kawky Horreur Memorial theme
#2262 - Available for Trail Setting! - 7:00pm Monday, January 2 2023
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2263 - Available - Sign Up Fast! - 7:00pm Monday, January 9 2023
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2264 - Available - Volunteer! - 7:00pm Monday, January 16 2023
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2265 - Available - Last January Run! - 7:00pm Monday, January 23 2023
Hares: You could hare this run!

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