Calgary HHH Hut Hikers

updated: April 26, 2021

Name Hash Name
1.  Mike Babulic King Shit
2.  Holly Davidson Abandoned Pussy
3.  Glen Langer Hardly
4.  Daniel Langer Tarzan
5.  Brenda Drake Well Hung
6.  Ian Babulic Yeasty Hole
7.  Julie Morrison Lick 'er Lots
8.  Julie Rinaldi  Hot Cheeks
9.  Marg Brodie Snevil (Suck No Evil)
10.  Kyle Bakx Lof-T Prancer
11.  Lise Bourret Mmm… Ladyfingers
12.  Cam Busby Camshaft
13.  Lise Bourret Tommy Two Fingers
14.  Lise Bourret Strap-On Crampon
15.  Louise Proulx Sticky Lips
16.  Bryan Dowie Pull My Woodie

Please contact King Shit or Abandoned Pussy if you want to be put on the waiting list

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