Stanley Mitchell Hut Hikers

updated: February 11, 2020

Name Hash Name
1.  Mike Babulic King Shit
2.  Kyle Bakx Lof-T Prancer
3.  Lise Bourret Mmm... Ladyfingers
4.  Marg Brodie Snevil (Suck No Evil)
5.  Gerald Bruce Skewbic Hare
6.  Cam Busby Camshaft
7.  Holly Davidson Abandoned Pussy
8.  Bryan Dowie Pull My Woodie
9.  Brenda Drake Well Hung
10.  Tim Hancsicsak   Lying Sack of Shit
11.  Daniel Langer Tarzan
12.  Glen Langer Hardly
13.  Gary Morgan Pyro
14.  Julie Morrison Lick 'er Lots
15.  Karen Oaks Moonshine
16.  Brenda Page Full Throttle
17.  Janice Paisley Dementia
18.  Louise Proulx Sticky Lips
19.  Gerald Stehouwer  Daisy Duke
20.  Marilyn Wright Slippy Thong
21.  Jory Wutzke Balls Out
22.  Garry Yip Sucks Everything

Please contact King Shit or Abandoned Pussy if you want to hike with us

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