The Largest Hash Run in Canada

Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday!


Canada is celebrating our 150th Birthday this year, so the Calgary Hash House Harriers are organizing the "Largest Hash Run in Canada".

Calgary is inviting every hash to run at the same time on July 1st, Canada Day. Feel free to have a pre-lube and post-lube as well.

There is also a T-shirt (details below)

When and Where?

The run will start on July 1 at 12:00 noon Calgary time. That would be 2 pm in Ottawa and Montreal, 1 pm in Winnipeg, 11 am in Vancouver, etc....

Every hash will organize their own Canada Day run to start at the same time all across Canada. Feel free to have a pre-lube and post-lube as well!

Who do I Contact?

Please email : gslanger [at] and kingshit [at] with Subject line: Largest Hash Run.


The shirt has the name of every hash in Canada on the back, taken from Hash.CA, as well as bunch of hashing words and phrases.

How Do I Order a T-Shirt?

You can order T-shirts directly from the supplier using this order form

Shipping Costs are here

Click on the image to to view a larger one (PDF file)