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Hash Wind Chill

-71°C -95°F Antarctica/Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station South Pole, Antarctica

Officially the most isolated, driest, darkest, and coldest hash in the world. It was a warm -56C (-70F) with wind-chill -99C (-147F), in December 2006, when "Deep Throat" sent this info.

-105°C -157°F

-40°C -40°F BrassMonkey HHH (not-quite-naked hash) British Antarctic Survey Base, Antarctica, runs mid-winter, every year

...runs in mid winter, when temps are at -35 to -40. Runs are usually about 150m to 300m, and all you are allowed to wear is boots, gloves and a head band to stop the top of the ears freezing. Afterwards there is a BBQ where there is a special shelf just above the steaks for the beer — Muthatuka

-33.2°C -28°F Yellowknife HHH Yellowknife, NWT Canada February 8, 2015

No comments, but would you like some pictures?

Temperature from Government of Canada website

-48°C -54°F

-33°C -27°F CRAP H3 (Coon Rapids Anoka Pariah H3) Coon Rapids, Minnesota USA January 19, 1996

Sheila was apparently too cold to think up a witty comment

-52°C -61°F

-32°C -25°F Calgary HHH Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1992 December 28 @ 7 - 8 pm

Dang! Calgary hash legend says that we ran in -40 temperatures, but it turns out it was only -32 below

When I told my girlfriend that I was working my way thru 14 years of Environment Canada's Monthly Meteorological Summary, she asked if I was looking for a temperature record or an anal-retentiveness record — King Shit

-29°C -20°F Anchorage Alaska HHH Anchorage, Alaska USA Some Saturday in December 1995 @ 2 to 5 pm

"Wind speed only existed when you ran fast" — Little Big Dick

"Temperature readings are from me - I was there." — Little Big Dick

-28°C -18°F Warsaw HHH In a forest on the outskirts of Warsaw Warsaw, Poland 1994, the weekend before going to Rotorooter Interhash

" It was soo fucking cold that the sweat was freezing to the back of my neck and hair" — Ratshit

-26°C -15°F Ottawa HHH Ottawa, Ontario, Canada January 28, 2019

The hare said, "Tonight may be a little chilly, but I promise it won't be a long trail"

Temperature from Government of Canada website

Previous record: -25°C (-13°F) 1993 during Winterlude
"It wasn't the hash itself that was so cold, it was the on on after! I was the first person invited (!) to sit on the ice, which in this case was a block of ice borrowed from the ice sculptors....It was so cold my ass was absolutely numb, and I knew I had to sit there until some of the ice melted or I would leave skin if I tried to get up. And when I did, there was a perfect butt-cheek impression left for the next person to sit in." — Shampoo, Hogtown H3

-24°C -11°F Winnipeg H3 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada January 2004, 4pm

I was haring, made it short and on ice (for more effect). It was so cold we didn't even play in the playgrounds! But the drink stop warmed us up — Cumming Numb

Temperature from The Weather Underground

-37°C -35°F

-20°C -4°F Stockholm Full Moon Stockholm, Sweden January 1996

This was far too cold for me, so I went to the Hash pub instead — Floater

-2°C 28°F Daytona Beach Daytona Beach, Florida USA Christmas weekend in '89

"We froze our butts off and ended in a bar just after the half way point." — Mullet

Got the temperature from a bank sign.

Got the wind chill from the radio.

-9°C 15°F

-2°C 28°F Over The Hump H3 Quantico, Virginia USA Feb '96

"Sooooo, if you find yourself in the emergency room after your hash this weekend having your toes amputated, just remember I told you so. And!!!!!!!! You may never have the opportunity to have your toes sucked!" — Dr D

The Hague Hash The Hague, Netherlands Jan 1, 1996

"On newyearsday 12.00hrs am every year between 600 and 1300 people take a dive into the icecold Nort-Sea (this year was the coldest winter since decades) AND THE HAGUE H3 TOOK PART IN IT" — Neptune

No temperature given... but how cold could it be? He didn't even mention ice! — KS

7°C 45°F DFW Hash USA Feb. 94

"The catch was that it had been below freezing for days and we spent over an hour in mostly chest deep water. We gave the Hare Down Downs for skipping the obvious swiming sections" — Muddy Buddy

It was a sunny 45 degree day except...

18°C 65°F Havelinas Tucson, Arizona, USA 1996, 3 pm

"no wind except for the B.S. that we all created." — No$cents........Hashmaster/Dick-tator

It was the recorded high for that day when we hashed at 3:00 p.m.

34°C 93°F Calgary HHH Bearspaw, Alberta, Canada (just west of Calgary) 2002 July 13 @ 3 - 4 pm

We consumed plenty of liquid (2-3 kegs) and handled the heat quite successfully. — King Shit

Environment Canada temperature for Calgary. Bearspaw 10 minutes west of Calgary and usually a few degrees warmer, so it might've been 36°C (97°F).

38°C 101°F Kalgoorlie-Boulder HHH Austrailia Feb 18, 1997

Luckily I had cut my hair two days earlier (lopped off about a foot and a half of hair), and so I only almost died, instead of actually dying. The beer did taste good at the On-Home though...—Bulldust

Temperature from Dept. of Meteorology

48°C 119°F Zonie HHH Phoenix 169th, Arizona USA Some weekend in mid July 1995 @ 1 pm

"It was f*cking hot, man." — Dozy

49°C 120°F Phoenix HHH Phoenix, AZ USA June 20, 2017

The Hottest Red Dress Run

"49 degrees Celsius. OK 48. Depends on how you round it" — Blinded by Boobs
Either way, that's really fucking hot!

Temperature from National Weather Service

50°C 122°F Fethiye H3 (Fethiye, Turkey) July 2007

"It was 50C in Fethyie Turkey last summer in July when we hashed up a mountain overlooking Oludeiz beach in Hizaranu (?) Turkey. (Right by Fethyie). We bellied up at the pool - bar while waiting to start. Then hashed thru the mtns wishing we were down below in the gorgeous waters. Trail was A-A. After down-downs it was back in the pool time! Dinner was served community style."

52°C 126°F Jeddah H3 (Saudi Arabia) July 17, 1995 @ 4pm

"...(official) temperature was 52°C. However, Saudi sources always understate temperatures, because over 55°C (131°F) offices have to close!" — Gary Tomlinson

Temperature from Saudia Airlines (meteorological office), Arab News

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