Every hash's mismanagement has its share of administrivia. Calgary's hash is so anal-retentive that we were once formally registered as a nonprofit society.... fortunately, those days are over.

Guidelines for Hares
Wanna hare a run? Here are a few handy tips, courtesy of Geek
Annual General Meeting
The Religious Advisior (RA) is erected every fall by the current and previous year's mismanagement. This is done at an annual general meeting every fall at the Big Rock Brewery. The AGM is usual held 2-3 weeks after mismanagement is erected
Hash Cash
We usually collect $5 from each hasher at every run. Some hashers have paid in advance for future runs. Hashers are responsible for buying their own beer. Visitors and New Boots don't pay hash cash, but they do pay for beer. They should visit the hash cash table so they can get official credit for the run and sign a waiver. Hash Cashers should remember to hand in the Reconcilliation Sheet with the cash
Counting Runs
Every 50 runs or so, Calgary Hashers down-down up to a half-yard of beer and then receive an award (ie. they chug-a-lug 40 oz of beer and get a cheap trinket). Every hasher wants large amounts of free beer as often as possible; this is why we're so anal about counting runs. Hash Cash uses a convenient form to check off hashers' names as they pay up. The form is used to update a spiffy FileMaker Pro database, which we use to print even more forms
To protect our flabby asses from people who won't take responsibility for the risks of this inherently stupid and potentially dangerous pastime, we've created a waiver for you to sign. If, after your first run, you want to run with us again, you must sign a waiver. After you've signed your waiver, give it to hash cash. Remember: you can hurt yourself if you want to, and if you hurt yourself it's your own damn fault!
Hash Database
We keep track of all this crap in the aforementioned spiffy FileMaker Pro database. We use information gathered from waivers, hash cash and other sources. The hash database contains each hasher's name, birthday, run count, e-mail, telephone numbers and address. This database is controlled by the Hash Sexitary. Limited information from this database (name, birthday, run count and e-mail) is published on our website. The complete database is only available to our mismanagement, it should never be sold, made public or used to contact the listed people without their consent

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