The One Minute Minutes

Calgary H3 1998 AGM - October 29, 1998

  1. Knobby slags Edmonton. Introduces a small agenda

  2. Joint master report on our finances: We are pretty much a perfectly non-profit society

  3. 2001, a hash oddity. What? Again? Mismanagement muses merging our millenial milestone with 'Merica's Interhash mingle
    • AIH Bid in the hash sheet?
    • We may have an Interam runup... the 12 runs of hashmas?

  4. RA Erections: Wet One & Fuhkawee vs Hardley & Butt Head

    1. Wet On & Fuhkawee
      • Not enough fear
      • What rhymes with "the wheel of death"?
      • Short down-downs (inspired by Knobbslinger?)

    2. Hardly & Butt Head
      • aka GQ & Mr Dressup
      • We should be RAs because are the master race
      • Butt Head promises not to sing!

    Mismanglement wouldn't "Leave it to Beaver" so, just in time for Hallowe'en, The Reign of Terror has begun!

    Congratulations to Wet One & Fuhkawee

  5. Next meeting: December 8, 1998 at Knobslinger's Pleasure Palace

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