Paul "Kawky Whoreurrrrr" Warren

652 Runs : July 10, 1993 (#510) to November 6, 2006 (#1307)

Paul "Kawky Whoreurrrrr" Warren was found dead in his home on Tuesday, November 21. He had died due to complications from diabetes. Paul was buried on Sunday, November 26 at CHEVRA KADISHA of Calgary. A large contingent of Calgary hashers turned up at his funeral to say goodbye. Paul was a good and wise friend to many of us.

Paul was a Marriage Comissioner and officiated at several hash weddings. Paul always had time for others. He always had good advice .... and he always had a great car.

Every Calgary hasher has a story or two (or twelve) about Paul. I remember the day he earned his nickname: we were on a bus, heading out of town for the annual Calgary Hash House Harriers' ski weekend. The details are a little hazy, there was a keg of beer in the seat beside me, but I remember that the hash had decided to show a movie on the ride out to the hill. The film was the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Paul got into costume for the the movie. When people dress up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, they wear outrageous transvestite costumes, but Paul was different, Paul also wore a rubber chicken.... and that's why we named him "Kawky Whoreurrrrr".

It's Paul's whimsical sense of humour that I remember the most about him. The articles that he scribbled for our newsletter and website never failed to make me laugh. Maybe it was his ongoing campaign against fruit and vegetable abuse. He always included a rant about our obligation to protect soft and beautiful Chiquita bananas, sweet young canaloupes and firm ripe tomatoes, bursting with.... ummmmm..... nevermind....

If I had a chance to speak with Paul again, I'd say these two things:

  1. We'll all miss you
  2. Thanks for leaving a little piece of yourself behind, inside each one of us

Mike "King Shit" Babulic
December 3, 2006

Tacky New Year runs

Every New Year's Day, the Calgary hash has a Tacky Formal hangover run. Kawky was an enthusiastic participant. Here's what happened, this century:

Run #1261 - 2006
Run #1205 - 2005
Run #1146 - 2004
Run #1085 - 2003
Run #1027 - 2002
Run #960 - 2001

Thank You from Kawky's Family

My wife, Nora and son Martin, were deeply moved by the great show of love for our late beloved son, Paul, at the funeral and reception.

It was a blistering cold day, and about 125 of Paul's friends, attended in the chapel, and later for the internment, to show that you loved him as much as we did.

We often worried that Paul was alone in Calgary, but he wasn't, as he had so many friends.

Thank you for the wonderful album and CD by Swingin' Tail (aka Wendy Innes).

Please post this on your website to thank eveyone for sharing this with us.

Nora, Harry and Martin Warren
December 5, 2006

The Kollected Works of Kawky Whoreurrrrr

Kawky penned quite a few "Hash Sheets", documenting the antics at our weekly runs. Here are the ones that I could find:

Run #1209 - Robbie Burns, Rubbie Buns
Run #1177 - Muskrat love mixed with Master mystery
Run #1154 - Captain Pole "Ahab" Vault lights one up!
Run #1132 - 1000 Dreary Runs
Run #1079 - It was a dark and snowy night
Run #1006 - The Glove Cult Conspiracy
Run #983 - 2001 Retro Run
Run #966 - Gispert Memorial run
Run #947 - The Annual Which Witch Is Which? Run
Run #931 - Kawky's Memories of.... The Stampede Hash
Run #923 - The Retro Run ...or drinking made easy for the time travel challenged hasher
Run #915 - The Suck But Don't Swallow Run
Run #887 - Hallowe'en or What's a cute ghoul like you doing out on an ugly knight like this?
Run #863 - The Retro Run or You weel keep doing zee 70's over and over again until you get it right! schveinhooondt!
Run #844 - The Spicy Ladies' Valentine's Day Massacre
Run #800 - Da Whoreur! Da Whoreur!
Run #750 - The Master's Run

50th Birthday run

In 2002, Kawky and several other hashers all turned 50 at roughly the same time. Naturallly, we commemorated this with a run:

Run #1050 - The Galloping Geezers