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July 1, The Largest Hash Run in Canada
July 1, 2017 — Canada is celebrating our 150th Birthday this year, so the Calgary Hash House Harriers are inviting every hash to run at the same time on July 1st, Canada Day.

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A Never-Before-Told Story
April 19 — Today would have been The Lady in Red's 60th birthday had she not been taken from us less than a week from celebrating her 57th birthday. Perhaps you've heard the story about how she accidentally inspired the world's first Red Dress Run.

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On-On Shit Happens
April 15, Edmonton — Shit Happens passed away peacefully this afternoon with his parents by his side. Somewhere a lake is being formed by the rivers of tears from the people he touched. Thanks to all the friends and family that supported Rob during his final journey. Raise a Black Label and wish him a fond farewell - On-On Shit Happens
Canadian breaks Beer Mile World Record

London, Ontario - Lewis Kent, a fourth-year University of Western Ontario kinesiology student classes has broken the world record for the "beer mile". Read about it at CTV News.

NCIS: New Orleans goes Hashing!

On October 27, NCIS: New Orleans airs "Insane in the Membrane". This episode features the Hash House Harriers' annual Red Dress Run. The run is cut short when a Petty Officer is found dead in the French Quarter.

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White Powder Mystery in the Caribbean

George Town, Cayman Islands — Chief Inspector Claudia Brady is seeking the public's assistance in identifying three individuals spotted dumping white powdery substances along various streets in George Town.

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Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
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#1964 - 7:00pm Monday, February 26
Hares: Shakes Beer, Tightey Whitey, MMM LadyFingers & Fog Horny
Where: UpperDeck Public House, 201 - 1104 6th Ave SW
Cost: $5
Food & Booze: $12.95 Beer n Burger special.
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #321 - Worm Moon - 7:00pm Friday, March 2
Hares: Can You See Me Know & Legs That Krink
Where: Can You Hear Me Now and Knight Stalker's , 3004 9th Street NW
RA: Roaring Nancy
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: BYOB
Notes: Cum awaken the worms!!!
#1965 - It's a Hash Wedding! - 7:00pm Monday, March 5
Hares: Granny Panties, Jiffy Lube, Krusty and others born in 1965
Where: Mad Rose - Royal Oak, 15 Royal Vista Place NW Calgary, AB T3R 0P3
What: Wear your finest formal wear for the wedding of the year!
RA: Abandoned Pussy
Cost: $5
Food & Booze: 25% of Appetizers
#1966 - 7:00pm Monday, March 12
Hares: Hung Loose, Stool Stuffer, Rashy Bush, Men-O-Pause and any other fortunate souls to be born in 1966!
Where: TBA
Planning - 7:00pm Wednesday, March 14
Where: Dog & Duck, 5340 - 2nd Street S.W.
Directions: When heading south on Mcleod Trail turn East (left) at 53rd Avenue and go for one block (kitty corner to the car wash).
What: Aug 24-26 with be the "Y the Fuck Not 2K" weekend to celebrate the CH3 2000th run in Calgary. Come help plan the shenanigans
#1967 - St Patricks (and Dementia's) Immaculate Conception a la 1963! - 1:00pm Saturday, March 17
Hares: Dementia
What: Celebrate St Patrick's Day, and Dementia's conception all together - what could be better!!??!
#1968 - 7:00pm Monday, March 19
Hares: Slow Clap and anyone else born in '68
Where: TBA
#1969 - 7:00pm Monday, March 26
Hares: Were you lucky enough to be born in 1969? Then you're lucky enough to hare this run!
Where: TBA
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #322 - Blue Moon #2 - 7:00pm Saturday, March 31
Hares: Roaring Nancy
Where: Roaring's Shack, 4112 - 8th Street SW
RA: Tommy Two Fingers
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: BYOB
#1970 - 7:00pm Monday, April 2
Hares: Hare this run IF you were born in '70, or if today is your birthday (hint hint!)
Where: TBA
#1971 - 7:00pm Monday, April 9
Hares: YOU can hare this run with Pull My Woody - if you were born in '71
#1972 - 7:00pm Monday, April 16
Hares: Slit Digger is being deported for his birthday run so we need a hare!
#1973 - 7:00pm Monday, April 23
Hares: Booty Camp and all others born in '73
#1978 - Red Dress Run - 2:00pm Saturday, May 26
Hares: TBA
Cost: about $20
#1984 - Canada Day - 2:00pm Sunday, July 1
Hares: You could hare this run!
#1987 - Stampede! - 7:00pm Saturday, July 14
Hares: Dementia, Tight Lips
#1999 - Party like it's 1999! - 7:00pm Friday, August 24
Where: TBA
#2000 - Why the F*ck not 2K! - 2:00am Saturday, August 25
Hares: Tighty Whitey and Granny Panties
Where: TBA
#2001 - Hangover Space Odyssey - 11:00am Sunday, August 26
Where: TBA

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