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July 1, The Largest Hash Run in Canada
July 1, 2017 — Canada is celebrating our 150th Birthday this year, so the Calgary Hash House Harriers are inviting every hash to run at the same time on July 1st, Canada Day.

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A Never-Before-Told Story
April 19 — Today would have been The Lady in Red's 60th birthday had she not been taken from us less than a week from celebrating her 57th birthday. Perhaps you've heard the story about how she accidentally inspired the world's first Red Dress Run.

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On-On Shit Happens
April 15, Edmonton — Shit Happens passed away peacefully this afternoon with his parents by his side. Somewhere a lake is being formed by the rivers of tears from the people he touched. Thanks to all the friends and family that supported Rob during his final journey. Raise a Black Label and wish him a fond farewell - On-On Shit Happens
Canadian breaks Beer Mile World Record

London, Ontario - Lewis Kent, a fourth-year University of Western Ontario kinesiology student classes has broken the world record for the "beer mile". Read about it at CTV News.

NCIS: New Orleans goes Hashing!

On October 27, NCIS: New Orleans airs "Insane in the Membrane". This episode features the Hash House Harriers' annual Red Dress Run. The run is cut short when a Petty Officer is found dead in the French Quarter.

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Fruits of Evil Soaked In Wine
Suck No Evil has revealed the Evils' delicious Sangria recipe.
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#2015 - 7:00pm Monday, November 19
Hares: Tight Lips & PMS
Where: Bottlescrew Bill's, 140 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A3
What: World Toilet Day Run(s)
RA: Hardly?
Cost: $5
Food & Booze: Butter Chicken or Thai Green Curry $12.95; pint of Village Wit or Cold Garden Red for $5
Bring: Your crappiest running gear in honor of World Toilet Day (it's a thing. Google it)
Notes: The hares promise you a truly S-H-I-T-T-Y T-R-A-I-L
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #330 - Beaver Moon - 7:00pm Thursday, November 22
Hares: Queen of Mean and Whizzer
Where: Skewbic Hair and Mucky Dip's Love Palace, 1819 Bay Shore Road SW
RA: Tommy Two Fingers or Roaring Nancy
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: Additional $ cost.
Bring: Lubricant for the Beaver
#2016 - Grey Cup - 2:00pm Sunday, November 25
Hares: Pissy Navel, Abandoned Pussy
Where: AP and Rusty Dick's, 759 Mahogany Blvd SE
Food & Booze: Pot Luck
Bring: BYOB
#2017 - 7:00pm Monday, November 26
Hares: [You could hare this run!]
#2018 - 2018 in 2018 - 7:00pm Monday, December 3
Hares: Tighty Whitey
#2019 - 7:00pm Monday, December 10
Hares: Pissy Navel and Abandoned Pussy
Cost: $5 Hash Cash
Christm-hash Murder Mystery Potluck - 7:00pm Saturday, December 15
Where: Ménage à Trois's Mansion, 1417 Prospect Ave SW
What: There's no better way to celebrate our friendship and embrace the spirit of Christmas than by pretend-killing each other!
RA: Not the RA per se, but the bRAin behind this whole thing is Abandoned Pussy
Cost: $20. Deadline is Dec 3rd.
Food & Booze: 2 drinks are included. Bring more drinks if you wish (and don't if you're driving). Food is a shared responsibility.
Bring: a dish to share. Try to stay in line with the character that will be shared with you by email if you sign up.
Notes: Money can be paid to the Hash Mattresses on Mondays or e-transfered to an email address that will be shared on our Facebook Page.
#2020 - Ugly Sweater Run - 7:00pm Monday, December 17
Hares: Hot Cheeks and Twisted Sister
RA: [Your name here]
Cost: $5
Bring: Your best (and by "best" we mean "worst") Christmas sweater
Notes: Arrrrg! My eyes!
[LINK] Full Moon Hash #331 - Cold Moon - 7:00pm Thursday, December 20
Hares: Begging for It and Popes Nose
Where: Aunty Frank,Hash Test Dummy Mansion, 1355 56 Ave N.W.
RA: Tommy Two Fingers Or Roaring Nancy
Cost: $5.00
Food & Booze: Additional $ option.
Bring: Christmas Cheer and Money.
#2021 - Santa's on his way - 7:00pm Monday, December 24
#2022 - Boxing Day - Boxer Shorts - 2:00pm Wednesday, December 26
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2023 - 2018 Runs Out - 7:00pm Monday, December 31
Hares: You could hare this run!
#2024 - Tacky Formal Run - 2:00pm Tuesday, January 1 2019
Ski trip to Castle Mountain Resort - 5:00pm Friday, January 25 2019 until Sunday, January 27 2019
Cost: The price for this trip will include on hill accommodation and all food for the weekend. No final price until we know how many people are coming. Hot Cheeks would like to book sooner than late so let her know.
Notes: Jan 25 - 27 OR Feb. 8 - 10. Please let Hot Cheeks () know which date works best for you. Book ASAP if you are interested in coming

There will be a numbered run on the Saturday night.

Non hashers and non skiers welcome! See Hot Cheeks or email her if you have any questions. Adult only event.

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